DIBS: Distributed Internet Backup System

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Backup your data by trading it with peers on the Internet.




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Exceltablemodel - Read/Write Excel Worksheets via javax.swing.table.TableModel implementation

Read/Write Excel Worksheets via javax.swing.table.TableModel implementation Additionally, add images to worksheet cells in png, jpg, dib, pict and wmf formats.


TFastDIB consists of a DIB class and units with optimized routines for common graphics tasks like resampling, blending, quantizing amp; dithering, color space conversions, bit depth conversions, rendering primitives, and a collection of filters and effects.

DIBS payment gateway provider for NB_Store

This is a payment gateway for the DNN e-commerce module NB_Store. It communicates with the payment provider DIBS

T-Shirts Online

Online shop build in Silverlight 4 using DIBS as payment module.

Drupaldibs - DIBS payment module for Drupals e-commerce

A Drupal e-commerce payment module for DIBS (Danish Internet Payment System), accepting all major credit cards and the Danish credit card "Dankort"

Minipaint-mconde - Mini Paint - Manuel Conde

Proyecto Fin de Curso: Mini-Paint Manuel Conde 2º de Ingeniería Superior de Informática Metodología y Tecnología de la Programación 2 Universidad CEU San Pablo Curso 2010-2011 Esta práctica consiste en un programa en Java con el cuál se pueden crear y dibujar sobre un panel figuras como Circulos, Líneas, Cuadrados, Elipses y Rectángulos. Los dibujos creados se pueden guardar en una Base de Datos y los dibujos guardados se pueden abrir para realizar modificaciones sobre ellos. Si un dib

Dibs-payment-modules - DIBS Payment Modules

Unofficial Custom Open Source Payment Modules for DIBS for Zen Cart, VirtueMart etc. Note! This is not the official DIBS Payment Modules. The code often finds it's way into the official modules at some point, but here they are considered to be developer versions.