Open Diameter

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Open source Diameter and Diameter related protocols. Written in C++ (porting to Java is welcome!)



Related Projects

Codename Circumference

Circumference is a server-client-style implementation to supplement the WebAuth Diameter subprotocol, complete with an extensible Diameter server and base library. Diameter is a peer-to-peer authentication protocol (RFC 6733).


Seagull is a multi-protocol traffic generator. Especially targeted towards IMS, Seagull supports Diameter (RFC3588 and all applications) over TCP/SCTP and IPv4/IPv6 , TCAP (over SS7 or Sigtran), XCAP over HTTP and Radius.

Sprinkler System Graphic Analyzer

Pipes is a desktop system which analyzes an Autocad drawing of a sprinkler system, checks for flaws and after these are eliminated, adds the size/diameter labels to the drawing. Tutorial:

Pydiameter - Python based Diameter protocol implementation.

Python based Diameter protocol implementation.

Fringe-diameter - Implementation of the fringe algorithm

This project is a repository for the implementation of optimized heuristic algorithms for the estimation of the diameter of massive graphs.

Py-diameter-core - diameter module realized by python

Python realized Diameter Credit-Control Application. Reference RFC 4006 and RFC 3588.

Wald - Python Algorithms for the Forest Inventory

This Module provides python algorithms as part of the 1990 directive for forest inventories in Bavaria, Germany. The core functions are timber volume estimations based on input variables such as diameter at breast height (dbh), basal area (collected from a wedge prisms or relascope), tree species and tree height. Participants in this project are invited to extend these core functions with other (local) volume algorithms.

Opencdf - An IMS Charging Data Function, supporting offline charging Diameter-CDRs

This project provides a Charging Data Function (CDF) which is a sink/correlation function for IMS Diameter offline charging events. 3GPP IMS defines the Rf reference point that transports offline charging events from the Charging Trigger Function (CTF) aka the CSCFs to the Charging Data Function for correlation and production of a summary CDR. 3GPP TS 32.299 defines the format of the Rf reference point. This project is still in the design phase. Sorry to get your hopes up. :-) It will be written

Convexhull - 2D-pistejoukon konveksi peite

Keywords: convex hull Graham's scan Jarvis's March Class Diagram Linkejä: Siisti appletti Konveksi peite lyhyesti ja ytimekkäästi: ApplicationsThe problem of finding convex hulls finds its practical applications in pattern recognition, image processing, statistics and GIS. It also serves as a tool, a building block for a number of other computational-geometric algorithms