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dialog-mp3-list generates a list of mp3 using XDialog/Dialog.




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Daremusicfixer - Formats mp3 files correctly for the LG Dare on Verizon Wireless

AboutThe LG Dare's music player is very picky about ID3 tags on mp3s. Complicated ID3 tags confuse the Dare and cause album art to not show up. This program scans all mp3s in a folder and will properly format the ID3 tags so that album art is displayed on the Dare. If album art isn't present, the program automatically attempts to retrieve it from amazon, seamless to the user. Also, tracks of an album on the Dare are listed in alphabetical order which contradicts what most people are used to when

Rox-musicbox - A Music Player for the ROX Desktop

FeaturesMP3, OGG, Flac, WAV support. ESD, Alsa, OSS support. Album Art display Drag and Drop adding of Songs, Directories of songs, and Playlists (m3u, pls and xml) Shuffle play (with cache so you don't replay songs too frequently). Seek control bar to zip to specific parts of any song. Volume Control Playlist filtering Translations: fr, it, es, pt_BR InstructionsExtract the MusicBox appdir and copy it to wherever you normally put ROX apps. Then launch it! Initially it assumes that you put all y

Lg-tv-command - Send a command to an LG TV via serial port.

DescriptionLG TV has a serial port for sending commands. This small utility allows you to do just that, from command-line. Right now, it has most common commands and accepts a command-name and (enum)value. It retrieves the current value when value is omitted. Requirements / compatibilityYou just need GCC and some standard headers, I think. You need to change /dev/tty.usbserial in the sourcecode to your serial port device. It is currently only tested on OS X. Throw me a diff if you get it to comp

Mhag - Monster Hunter Armor Generator

AboutMHAG is a FREE armor toolkit for the video game series Monster Hunter, featuring a desktop version (MHAG Desktop) and an online version (MHAG Online). From Softoxi.com editor team: "MHAG is an useful piece of software that helps you generate armor sets for your Monster Hunter character. This simple and efficient application can easily become a great tool for any Monster Hunter player out there." Webitehttp://mhag.info DownloadsMHAG V2.2a (Feb 2012) new MH3G support! MHAG V2.0 (Oct 2011) Fea

Android-icon-context-menu - Context Menu with Icons for Android

Context Menu with IconsIn Android, context menus (1) can't have icons (2) cannot be flexibly created and destroyed. With this embeddable library, you get a context menu that solves both problems. Sample (from Hi-Q MP3 Recorder): Consistency to Android platform is maintained by not using custom layouts, instead it uses internal layouts only. How to useYou can easily add this project as a library project in Eclipse. Create a menu in XML as what you would do when you create a normal (options) menu.

Vs-locate-file - Visual Studio macro add-on that allows quickly jump to desired file

LocateFile is a macro add-on for Visual Studio which allows quickly locate file in solution by typing part of file name. To install:Download, rename to LocateFile.vb (for some reason Google Code adds mp3 extension to the file) Open Macro IDE (Alt+F11) and under MyMacros project add the module. Make sure MyMacros has references to System.Drawing and System.Window.Forms, if it doesn't, add the references Close Macro IDE, open Tools -> Customize -> Keyboard and assign shortcut to LocateFile macro.

Itouchbrowser - itouchBrowser - Windows based GUI manipulating files on the iPhone/iPod touch

itouchBrowser - Windows based GUI for manipulating files on the iPhone/iPod touch. This changes iPhoneBrowser (http://code.google.com/p/iphonebrowser/) into Japanese. This can be used in English mode also except Japanese environment. The feature is as follows. Featureレス�ンス��上 - Improvement of response 表示機能�強化 - Enhancement of a display function �ックアップファイル�一覧確� - The list check of backup files �複ファイル�削除�能 - Deletion

Pymazon - A Python based downloader for the Amazon mp3 store.

Notice: A new release is available (0.9.1) which addresses a recent change to the format of Amazon .amz files. Older versions of Pymazon will no longer work with new Amazon purchases. Please update to this new version. If you are feeling generous, you could help support my beer fund work on Pymazon by donating a couple bucks: If you maintain a distro package of Pymazon, or you are using a distro packaged version of Pymazon, please let me know (<my googlecode username>@gmail.com) so I can keep a