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Easily setup your dialup connection along with your internet connection sharing LAN.




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Dijin - Broadband Scheduler v1.0

Broadband Scheduler v1.0Broadband service has some of the cheap and best monthly plans for the users all over the nation. And some of the plans include unlimited night downloads from certain time to the other. In that case the unlimited net usage timing starts from the midnight, so it is a bit uncomfortable for the users to get up by that time and start their works in net. Most of the people just get up and start some downloads and turn off their monitor and sleep. Well this software named as Br

Dotnet-radius-client-library - .NET Radius protocol client library

This library implements Remote Authentication Dial In User Service (RADIUS) protocol (RFC 2865) and RADIUS Accounting (RFC 2866) on .NET framework 4.0. Library written on C#. Supports: Access and accounting requests PAP encryption only Vendor specific attributes Parsing response from RADIUS server Last updates: Examples added. Usage example: var radiusClient = new Client("", 1813, "secret");var request = new AccountingRequest("", ServiceType.Framed, "username", AuthenticationTy

Waptor - Waptor (Wallpaper Rotator) formerly known as Flickr Baby is a small but powerful utility wh

Waptor (Wallpaper Rotator) formerly known as Flickr Baby is a small but powerful utility which extracts images from various image hosting application (presently http://www.flickr.com) and sets them as your wallpaper. Waptor is based on html parsing and data extraction and is no way owned or endorsed by Flickr. Waptor has a very lightweight and customizable interface. The image extraction algorithm is based on user defined tags. Every image on Flickr is tagged by user uploading/viewing it, Waptor

Ctx-log-parser - Cisco log parser to feed sip-viewer

OverviewWhen reading SIP Calls for multiple Cisco products you face the challenge to go through multiple files parsing information manually. The more complex the call flow is, the most difficult to track problems at SIP signaling level. When analysis of call drops is critical this tool can give you a good overview of the calls. This Perl program goal is a module parser to feed sip viewer. Which is in charge of drawing call information: http://code.google.com/p/sip-viewer/ FeaturesParse Cisco CTX

Opera-speed-dial-thumbnail-customizer - A tool for customizing speed dial thumbnails in the Opera We

NOTICE: This version currently contains a bug that will cancel out changed thumbnails if you attempt to change more than one title between opera restarts. While you may technically still use this feature as long as you open and close opera after each title change, I do not recommend using it until a patch is in place. This simple tool allows a user to quickly and easily customize their Opera Web Browser speed dial thumbnails on a windows machine. Requires that you have Opera 10+ and .NET 2.0 ins

Mynetconnect - An user friendly Internet Settings Manager for Debian linux (Ubuntu) users

My Net ConnectA new, easy to use, graphical Network Configuration tool for Debian linux, i.e Ubuntu users. Current Stable version: 1.0.2. Check the Downloads tab for downloading the latest version ---- A New and EaSy Network / Internet configuration tool! You can configure everything from IPs to MAC or dial-up settings. The application is available under Ubuntu Main menu Application -> Internet -> My Net Connector The project is built on Qt C++ (Version 4.0). It is an open-source project. You ma

Seguranca-em-redes-wireless - Bruno_D´avila_Fernandes

RESUMO Este trabalho tem o objetivo de explanar a respeito das funcionalidades de uma rede sem fio que utiliza radiofreqüência em sua comunicação, abordando protocolos de segurança Wireless como WEP, WPA e o WPA2 e seus algoritmos, tendo implementação prática na empresa Alternet (provedor de internet via radio em Bagé). Este tipo de rede, ratificado pelo IEEE (Institute of Eletrical and Eletronic Engineers), utiliza o padrão 802.11. Este padrão possui variações que, para cada uma de