Diablo Item Capture

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Diablo Item Capture is used to facilitate the item screenshot/cropping/uploading process for out of game item trading. It is published under the GPL v3 license.http://opensource.org/licenses/gpl-3.0.html Warning : Run Diablo in WINDOWED FULLSCREEN only, with the same resolution as the desktop. Warning 2 : You need to install Microsoft .NET framework 4 Features : F12 key captures item pictures from the game, and automatic cropping the item window (Manual cropping in application for not supported resolutions). Upload pictures to image host website Automatically group item pictures in one big picture. Maximum stats for items. Default saved pictures folder is Documents/DiabloItemCapture/Cache) Program does not mess with diablo3 memory (just takes a screenshot), so you cannot be banned for using it. Github : https://github.com/Afkbio/diabloitemcapture




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