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Related Projects

Diablo Item Capture

Capture item pictures in diablo III

Jahel - 2D/3D Engine for Games like Sacred/Diablo2/NwN

This project will be a Game Engine for Games like Sacred/Diablo2/NwN using SFML for O/S stuff

d3-ehp-calculator - Diablo3 Effective Health Pool Calculator

Diablo3 Effective Health Pool Calculator

Pvpgn-stats-character-mod - Character details modification for PvPGN Stats

1. Original thread: http://pelish.spfree.net/index.php?topic=836.0 2. I am currently using Diablo 2 Character Decoder for decoding pvpgn chars. Original version here: http://takeovertheworld.org/diablo/ 3. I am using PvPGN Stats v2.4.5. Original version here: http://pvpgn.spfree.net/ 4. I am using jQuery 1.3.2 :(. Should be latest. Original version here: 5. I am using jQuery idTabs v2.2 for skills and waypoints tabs. Original version here: http://www.sunsean.com/idTabs/ 6. Help me, help yourself

Genx-rpg - Generation X - Role Playing Game

An engine for building (and playing) Role Playing Games that harkens back to the old school style popular in the late 80s, early 90s using game play ideas from popular games of the time such as Ultima, Final Fantasy (1 - 3), Warcraft (1 & 2), Diablo (1 & 2), Bardstale (1 - 3), Wizardry, Pool of Radiance, Exile - escape from the Pit, Castle of the Winds, etc.


ThunderGraft is an MPQDraft plugin that allows Diablo, Diablo II, Starcraft, and Warcraft II Battle.net Edition to use newer, superior audio compression formats including MP3, Ogg Vorbis, and FLAC, in addition to the existing ADPCM WAV compression.

Stardog - A 2D space shooter rpg in the spirit of Star Control II

A 2D space shooter RPG similar to Star Control 2, Escape Velocity, or Star Wolves 3. Far from finished and interested in collaboration. more screenshots features (status): -Huge universe with sandbox non-linear game flow. (currently working on construction tools) -Completely modular ship design: add and remove parts to your ship to make it as big or small as you want. (implemented) -Parts can be blown off enemies, collected and equipped, all during battle (working) -Enemy ships spawn with Diablo


Errare is a diablo-like 3D RPG game. It is written in Java because we believe games should run on any OS. Gamers unite !