Diablo Bot

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Diablo Bot is an extensive IRC Bot written entirely in perl. Current development versions include expanded command flexibility, easy modular support, and isolated configurations for multipule networks.




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Capture item pictures in diablo III

MuliFex for Diablo II LoD

An account, character and item manager for Diablo II: Lord of Destruction. MuliFex is a Swiss Army Knife that makes the life of a Diablo player on Battle.net more enjoyable. MuliFex employs Java (and some native Code) and runs on Windows and Mac OS X.

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OpenCL miner for Bitcoin

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MHLabs ProjectsDiablo IIVarious tools for reading/writing Diablo II character files for offline saved games d2readchar d2checksum

Jahel - 2D/3D Engine for Games like Sacred/Diablo2/NwN

This project will be a Game Engine for Games like Sacred/Diablo2/NwN using SFML for O/S stuff

D2botbrain - Java library for interfacing with the Battle.net Diablo 2 game server

The idea of this project is to create a library to allow Java programmers to have access to the raw Battle.net packets in order to write mods and bots for Diablo 2. In the beginning, this project will use the RedVex Battle.net proxy software, but eventually I hope to implement a pure Java proxy.