Diabetic Log Book

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Diabetic Log Book is a simple yet very functional log book to keep track of blood sugar readings, time, dates, insulin dossages, etc ...




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KPumpe is a diabetes diary log application with support to read from glucometers via glucomodul - modules. Everyone with every type of diabetes can find here a good diary log application and Pumpers can use it as well.

Androiddms - Diabetes Management System for the Android Platform

This project has been discontinued. Both the APK and User's Manual can be found in the Downloads tab. The APK is compatible with the m5_rc15 SDK. Click the Android DMS website, and login as jqp@domainx.com to see an example of how the website works. Do not use the jqp@domainx.com email address in the application itself. See Issues for details. Forward: An estimated 246 million people world-wide have diabetes, with a forecasted 380 million by 2025 . Technology has provided this growing number of

Diabeticcontrolcatalyst - A diabetic's catalyst to a life of controlled blood sugars.

This project is a web-based recording and management system for diabetics to use in maintaining controlled blood sugars and HbA1c values. Eventual planned functionality includes the ability to: - record blood glucose readings and categorize them by time of day and event - record insulin dosage for both basal and bolus, supporting injections and pumps - record carbohydrate intake related to dosage of insulin - record oral and other medications taken which may affect blood glucose readings - uploa

Mycare - Diabetic managment tool

This web application will present to the individual the tools they need to manage daily life with diabetes. Features and tools included are: Customer log in and private profile feature Daily entry tool to track blood sugar levels Tool to track and compare diet, insulin and other critical elements Meal planning tool Graphed statistics feature (day, week, month) Helpful tips and information feature Feature to share data with individuals, physicians and social applications Mobile Phone compatible (

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diabetes log book

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Diabetic blood sugar data logging