DHTML Calendar

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DHTML Calendar is a collection of HTML, CSS, and JavaScript code that utilizes Mike Foster's CBE JavaScript library to add a dynamic calendar to any Web page. (Compatible w/ Konqueror, Opera, Mozilla, Internet Explorer, amp; Netscape Navigator).




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Code now maintained at: git://github.com/edwinmoss/active_scaffold.git AST has now been merged into the core of my fork of AS. A toolbox for ActiveScaffold including: Bridge for :boolean - booleans are represented as check boxes, :checkbox. Bridge for :date - dates are represented as :dhtml_calendar (Requires dhtml_calendar plugin) Adds support for columns_by_key_value block. For Example: columns_by_key_value [ \t [:assessment => {\t :description => "ADMIN_REQUIRED", \t :exclude => [],\t :form_u

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