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IP version 6 Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol




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Jagornet-dhcpv6 - Jagornet DHCPv6 Server

Jagornet DHCPv6 Server Open source Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol for IPv6 (DHCPv6) server. Features IPv6 Phase II Certified DHCPv6 Server Platform independent implementation in Java Highly scalable, multi-threaded architecture Dynamic DNS Updates Prefix Delegation Static Bindings (Reservations) - New for version 2.0! DHCPv4 - New for version 2.0! Info Jagornet DHCPv6 Server Donations If you find the Jagornet DHCPv6 Server Community Edition useful, please consider making a donation to show


WIDE-DHCPv6 is an open-source implementation of Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol for IPv6 (DHCPv6) originally developed by the KAME project. The implementation mainly conforms to the following standards: RFC3315,3319,3633,3646,4075,4272,etc.

Nativev6 - Simplify native IPv6 in OpenWrt

Currently this project provides one package for OpenWrt: nativev6 The nativev6 package contains no code, but instead causes several other packages to be installed, and provides sample config files for those packages. It's up to the installer to follow the instructions in /etc/nativev6/README in order to properly configure each package. The wide-dhcpv6 package is no longer maintained on this site, as it has been merged into the OpenWrt SVN repository (https://dev.openwrt.org/browser/packages/ipv6

DHCPv6 implementation on Linux

This is the first ever open source implementation of Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol for IPv6 (DHCPv6) server and client on Linux Operating System. The server provides leases (durations or lifetimes) on IPv6 addresses to the clients who request for it

M0n0wall-mod - Patchset for m0n0wall enabling 'WAN eth' and DHCP+PPTP/PPPoE/L2TP for WAN int

About projectThis is m0n0wall mod project. m0n0wall is a great tool but there are limitations in standard distribution. Mod project is a patchset intended to overcome these limitations. Mod main features concern: DHCP+PPTP for WAN interface DHCP+PPPoE for WAN interface Separated WAN Ethernet interface named 'WAN eth' L2TP support Some ISPs use DHCP+PPTP to setup client connections. First, you get IP address by DHCP over Ethernet. Second, you open VPN PPTP connection. Standard m0n0wall can not us

dibbler - Dibbler - a portable DHCPv6

Dibbler - a portable DHCPv6

dibbler - Portable DHCPv6 implementation

Portable DHCPv6 implementation

dhcpv6 - DHCPv6 - DHCP server and client for IPv6

DHCPv6 - DHCP server and client for IPv6

mdpc - MAP DHCPv6 Provisioning Cruft

MAP DHCPv6 Provisioning Cruft

ietf-dhcpv6-fo - IETF drafts related to DHCPv6 Failover

IETF drafts related to DHCPv6 Failover