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Free open-source 100% Java DHCP API suitable for client, server, relay... development. This API is used in the quot;dhcpd-jquot; server.




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Jagornet-dhcpv6 - Jagornet DHCPv6 Server

Jagornet DHCPv6 Server Open source Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol for IPv6 (DHCPv6) server. Features IPv6 Phase II Certified DHCPv6 Server Platform independent implementation in Java Highly scalable, multi-threaded architecture Dynamic DNS Updates Prefix Delegation Static Bindings (Reservations) - New for version 2.0! DHCPv4 - New for version 2.0! Info Jagornet DHCPv6 Server Donations If you find the Jagornet DHCPv6 Server Community Edition useful, please consider making a donation to show

Javanetworksimulator - Java based packet level network simulation

Description Design and develop a set of Java, C, C++, or C# program modules to implement the following distributed system. In this system, there is a wired sub-network of regular PCs and a wireless sub-network of laptops with wireless network cards. The nodes in the two sub-networks communicate through a CS-Router (within the CS Department) and a Server/Router, S. The Server/Router is an ordinary PC in the CS-Lab. The Server/Router S code also implements a routing table which you will build as a

Flex-on-eclipse - Web Developement

�端技術: Flex , Ext js , ( JQuery & JQuery UI ),DOJO ,Prototype ,GoogleJsAPI ,GWT �飾器應用: Struts Tiles, SiteMesh , FreeMarker , JSF , JSTL UI 框架 : PureMVC , Cairngorm Web ��步傳輸 : AJAX 技術 Web 入�網路�務 : SSO , Portal AJAX 技術應用 : XML , JSON AJAX 應用工具 : JSON Lib , GSON Lib , dwr , Ext ajax , jQuery ajax , Prototype ajax 商業�輯框架 : Struts ,Spring ,J2EE ORM 框架 : Hibernate , JPA , Ibatis ORM Generator : Hibernate Extensions , Netbe