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DGamE is a Dynamic Game Engine. This is used to create games relatively easy.




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Related Projects

Fox Level Editor

Fox Level Editor 2d Level Editor Created By Xna 4.

Scarlet - Game Engine for indie game creators (powered by scala)

Scarlet is a game engine : -for creating 2~2.5d-games (both online and stand-alone). -especially for small-teams and indivisuals. -written in Scala and Java. feature .1 : You can "tag" your game-objects, and easily control them in simple writing style. feature .2 : You can manage your game screen layout by SCML(scarlet-screenlayout-markup-language).


An OpenGL based 3D-game, emphasizing stunning graphics and interesting algorithms. Similiar to Rogue Squadron.

D-game - a chess game

this is a little game which invented by yeer and Bo since 2000, the rule is quite simple: 1.x can move x step without stepping backward. 2.if the "1" die, u will lose the game.

Atomicgameengine - hardware accelerated 2D game engine to develop advanced 2d games.

hardware accelerated 2D/3D game engine to develop advanced 2d/3d games. Now, it is just a 2d engine. more information will be available in the next version.