The D framework

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This is a framework library for D language that is a collection of various libraries (gui, database, xml etc. ). The goal is to provide an extensive collection of libraries as an extension to phobos library



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Blend4Web - 3D Web Application Framework

Blend4Web is a software framework for authoring and interactive rendering of three-dimensional graphics and audio in browsers, i.e. a three-dimensional engine. The platform is intended for creating visualizations, presentations, online-shops, games and other rich internet applications.

X3dframework - a basic class library for x3d

it is programming by YaoBo WangSizhi LinLiusheng

Gem-wars - Gemwars

Gemwars 0.85 is out!Download links: Windows Gemwars 0.5 is out!Download links: Linux The project goal is to port the old GemWars project to a new age by using Java, the Slick2D-framework and hard working programmers. GemWars is a remake of the classic game Boulder Dash with a couple of new ideas. GemWars on Facebook Feedback page

WPF 3D Framework

WPF 3D .Net Framework/Library for 3D controls/ 3D UI construction, works side-by-side with WPF 3D not hiding access o capabilities from WPF.

Bmax2dframework - 2D Framework for BlitzMax

Any suggestions or code would be appreciated. There's an initial version on the download tab. 2nd version is up now and it's a .zip file.

Robo-cup-soccer3d-framework - A framework for RoboCupSoccer3DAgent

��プロジェクト���Robocup Soccer 3Dシミュレーション�エージェント開発者����以下�フレームワーク���ツール�開発を行�����。 JSADE - Java Soccer Agent Development Framework - サッカーエージェント開発用�基礎フレームワーク��。 以下�よ��機能を�供���。 サッカーサー���通信 S�パーザ�文字列��エンコーダ 簡��三次元モデル Nao用�エージ

love-toolkit - Various tools to be used with Love2d-framework to enhance productivity

Various tools to be used with Love2d-framework to enhance productivity

dd - 2d-framework for flash-based applications

2d-framework for flash-based applications

bono - Simple 2d-framework and module collection for Monkey

Simple 2d-framework and module collection for Monkey


A simple framework for Ogre3D applications.