SSIS Dataflow Discoverer (DFLD)

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Dataflow Discoverer (DFLD) is a command-line discovery utility that detects and writes the metadata of SSIS dataflow columns to a SQL Server lookup table. DFLD detects Dataflows nested within containers up to any level of nesting.



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This project is an attempt to provide a product importer for magento that can handle several thousands of products at a reasonable pace compared to magento dataflow. it may evolve to a dataflow alternative as new features are implemented.

Open RVC-CAL Compiler

The Open RVC-CAL Compiler (Orcc) is a compiler under BSD license for the RVC-CAL dataflow programming language. Please consult the project homepage at for more information.

Sonic Flow

Sonic Flow are C/C++ libraries for dataflow-oriented audio signal processing. Advanced features: feedback, multirate and hierarchical networks; signal processing block library. High-quality chorus/flanger, compressor/expander, param.EQ etc. example code.


A javascript wiring library to create web wirable interfaces for dataflow applications, visual programming languages or graphical modeling.

Parco - Parallel compiler

Compiling for math expressions and planning for dataflow machines.

Tinkerama - Experimental dataflow editor for Python

Tinkerama is a dataflow editor like Puredata or MAX/MSP for Python. Tinkerama is in an experimental prototyping phase.

Blackstream - A dataflow programming framework

Blackstream is a dataflow programming framework and a collection of frameworks and applications built with it. Currently on the list: Endpoint - a CMS

Mapero - general dataflow system and ui, with electromagnetic brain mapping as main target

Python based framework for creation of dataflow networks to build algorithms graphically. The solution is modeled as an interconnected set of processing modules. Simplicity is the main objective, so the creation of new modules is as easy as create a python module