DUFF: DUplicate File Finder

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DUFF is (will be) a tool for Windows used to find and process duplicate files on a computer file system and/or network. It will have numerous built-in and plugin-based file comparison layers, duplicate markers, and fileset processers.




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Cpsed is a Linux OpenGL 3d scene editor. The GUI is built with QT library. It allows you to position, rotate and scale each of your 3d models (3DS AutoDesk and DFF RenderWare) saving the x,y,z coords in a CSV ascii file. A camera is provided.

Ksfl - KSFL - Kreative Structured Format Library

KSFL is a library and command-line tool for reading and writing various structured binary file formats, including: Mac OS resources (.rsrc), Palm OS resource database (.prc), Windows Portable Executable (.exe, .dll, etc.), DFF File Format (.dff) (versions 1.0, 2.0.1, 3.0), IFF, RIFF, MIDI, PNG, ICNS, and HyperCard stacks. KSFL is currently available for Java. Other languages are planned for future development.

Sacd-ripper - SACD ripping software using a PS3

IntroductionSACD includes various copy protection measures of which the most prominent is Pit Signal Processing (PSP). The first two generations of Sony's Playstation 3 (PS3) game console are capable of reading SACD ScarletBook and bypass the copy protection. This software makes use of the PS3 and gives you the option to backup your precious SACDs to a 1:1 decrypted ISO or you can choose to extract the individual tracks to DSDIFF (DFF) or DSF which allows you to create a DSD disc. Getting Starte

DFF Scanner

DFF scanner is new testing tool for finding common folders and files names on domains. It has options for scanning in deep, many cURL features like proxing and possibility to set reffer or user agent, good recogniser of custom 404 pages, ...


DFF Importer/DFF exporter Description: 3ds max import & export plugins for GTA III era 3d models Supported games: GTA III, GTA VC, GTA SA Author: Seggaeman

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