Dynamic Flash Forum

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Dynamic Flash Forum (DF2) will be the next revolutionary forum program for web designers to use on their site. The forum will run through Flash and has a PHP/mySQL backbone.




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Dfweb - Monitor your machines disk space through web interface

dfweb is a Disk Monitoring Tool : : This software use "df" command to all machine in database and record the diskspace. Display by a web interface. Since df command work via Secure shell connection, So this means 1.) Your Server Machine must install ssh php support 2.) Machine to be watched must have ssh connect + user account who can use "df" command Implemented with + CodeIgniter + jpGraph + php_ssh

Pydataframe - Dataframe, a table like datastructure for Python, inspired by R's Dataframe

An implemention of an almost R like DataFrame object. (install via Pypi/Pip: "pip install pydataframe") Usage: u = DataFrame( { "Field1": [1, 2, 3], "Field2": ['abc', 'def', 'hgi']}, optional: ['Field1', 'Field2'] ["rowOne", "rowTwo", "thirdRow"])A DataFrame is basically a table with rows and columns. Columns are named, rows are numbered (but can be named) and can be easily selected and calculated upon. Internally, columns are stored as 1d numpy arrays. If you set row names, they're converted in

Psutil - A cross-platform process and system utilities module for Python

Quick linksDownload source code Documentation Mailing list Summarypsutil is a module providing an interface for retrieving information on all running processes and system utilization (CPU, disk, memory, network) in a portable way by using Python, implementing many functionalities offered by command line tools such as: ps top df kill free lsof netstat ifconfig nice ionice iostat iotop uptime pidof tty who It currently supports Linux, Windows, OSX and FreeBSD, both 32-bit and 64-bit, with Python v

Java-slide-rule - A Java Slide Rule

You can run slide rule as an applet, or download a zip release Availabre scales are: K A [B S T ST CT CI CF C] D DF L R1 R2 LL0 LL1 LL2 LL3 K - The K scale allows finding cubes and cube roots, when used in conjunction with C or D. x3, 3√x. A,B - two-decade logarithmic scales. S - A decimal trig scale with angles for sines 6º-90º running in one direction, and angles for cosines 84º - 0º running the other way. sin(x), cos(x), arcsin(x) and arccos(x). T - A decimal trig scale with angles for

Lfm - Last File Manager is a curses-based file manager for the Unix console written in Python.

IntroductionLast File Manager is a powerful file manager for the UNIX console. It has a curses interface and it's written in Python. Some of the features you can find in lfm: console-based file manager for UNIX platforms 1-pane or 2-pane view bookmarks history vfs for compressed files dialogs with entry completion PowerCLI, a command line interface with advanced features fast access to the shell direct integration of find/grep, df and other tools tabs color files by extension fast file viewer wi

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Dfbnc - DFBNC is an open source IRC Bouncer.

This project is for the JAVA version of DFBnc (Read below for delphi/pascal) HistoryDFBnc was originally an IRC Bouncer written in Delphi. It compiled on Linux (FreePascal) and windows (using both Delphi and FreePascal). DFBNC Was originally licensed under the ZLIB License, unfortunately this version had a number of bugs in it, and is no longer available. NowDue to issues with the code and random other things, the decision was taken to completely rewrite DFBnc (for the 2nd time), and rather than

Dwarvis - A software package to extract the running map from a life Dwarf Fortress game and display

This project is meant as a collection of 3rd party utilities for the game Dwarf Fortress. It concentrates on utilities that have the purpose of providing a 3-dimensual visualization of the ingame world. It contains two applications at the current time. ApplicationsLifevisThis is the main program, a life viewer of a DF game. It shows a 3d representation centered on the current view, which constantly updates. It currently displays landscape, creatures, buildings and items, although the latter thre