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Dexter is a little java program to interactively or semi-automatically extract data from scanned graphs. In its applet incarnation it is used by the Astrophysics Data System. A rudimenary standalone version is provided as well.



Related Projects

Dexter Blog Engine

Dexter is a blog engine based on ASP.NET MVC.

Dexter-xsl - A tool for simplifying XSL production

New Release dexter-0.9.9 finalDexter is a tool for producing XSLT 1.0-compliant stylesheets to style arbitrary XML data into human-readable XHTML using the design document as the source. Thus changes to the visual layout may be propagated directly to the XSLT through a predictable, automated process. While it can be used with many other XML formats such as WML or RSS, formats with complex attribute-value structures such as SVG will be supported with extension modules in the future. Dexter allows

Dexter-cpan - Repository for my own CPAN modules

This repository contains several CPAN modules: Exception-Base Exception-System Fatal-Exception Test-Unit-Lite PIPL

Dexters-lab-datastructure - Some datastructure, and utilities

I add here some of the data-structures and utilities that I use. Currently implemented utilities are: 1. A concurrent access linked list in C++. 2. Concurrent access hash, STL style in C++. 3. STL style binary tree in C++.


Dexter is an Open Source Tool for the Automation Industry that provides the user with a friendly graphic interface for simulating both MODBUS and DNP3 slaves, over multiple serial and TCP/IP connections.


DeXter is a versatile Java Internet Communication Solution based on a Plugin Architecture. Plugin highlights: Messenger - currently supporting MSN, other will follow / CSBeagle - Half-life (Counter-Strike) online player finder

Db2php - Generate PHP entity classes from database tables

NetBeans plugin to generate PHP entity classes from database tables. Requires NetBeans 7.0 or later. Here we go! Use it!<?phpinclude_once 'SituMembersModel.class.php';$db=new PDO('mysql:dbname=situ;host=localhost', 'user', 'password');// query all members with dexterity=12 and reasoning=4 (query by example currently only available for PDO!)$example=new SituMembersModel();$example->setDexterity(12)->setReasoning(4);foreach (SituMembersModel::findByExample($db, $example) as $member) {\techo $membe

Js-dexter - Documentation extractor for Javascript, written in Javascript

Command line EXTRactor for JavaScript files. Parses source js files and extracts tags and comments into a JavaScript object which can be decorated for different file outputs. This tool can be run on windows scripting host or any JavaScript interpreter. There are no released binaries. Feel free to browse the source instead.