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Orthogonal-array-generator - Simple Orthogonal Array Generator

OrthogonalArrayGenerator (OAG)- Simple Orthogonal Array Generator - PICT style model file - command line tool - Linux and Windows binaries are available binary for Windows and Linux (temporarily) exmaplemodel_file_01------------------ZZZ : z_1, z_2 ,z_3, z_4AAA : a_1, a_2BBB : b_1, b_2CCC : c_1, c_2DDD : d_1, a_2EEE : e_1, e_2FFF : f_1, f_2GGG : g_1, g_2HHH : h_1, b_2III : i_1, i_2JJJ : j_1, j_2KKK : k_1, k_2LLL : l_1, l_2------------------OAG.ex

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