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Domain Enterprise-Wide Devices - DEWD Provides Domain Management, Simulation, Domain Presentation, Mission Management, integration with Next-Midas/X-Midas, System Q/A Tools



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DEWD is an Umbraco 4.0 extension used to edit sequential data such as rows in a SQL server database table. It's meant to allow developers to quickly set up user friendly table editing in Umbraco (eg. for editors) without having to write custom code. Written in C#/ASP.NET 3.5.

4chan - A easy smart coded 4chan clone

Ever wanted your own image board that is highly customizable? Well now you can have one. Development in Progress AboutInspired by, I (EpicDewd) decided to create a new image board. It will be coded in PHP and HTML5. An updated browser with HTML5 support will be required (Safari, Firefox, Chrome). FAQWhere do you get your code from. It looks like you copy and paste...? Most of the HTML is not my work but ALL of the php is mine (Excluding some classes). It either comes from some of my ol

Halpmeh - HalpMeh coding projects is some simple php and python and other various language stuff.

HalpMeh is a collection of PHP and Python scripts created by Desph and EpicDewd. The scripts all do various things and can be used without dependancies. One of the scripts, MahBB is a single file BB system which is making a great start in PHP. The other scripts are various projects over the years and other test items.


A Chess library.


A generic .NET toolbox library.


Bad Ass MVC. A school project.


A C# implementation of Conway's Game of Life.

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