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Manages a pool of zones that normal users can use. Zones (OpenSolaris containers) are efficiently cloned from a base zone so that building up and tearing down a devzone is fast (on the order of seconds).



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Blendit - A cross-platform MXit application, written in Python

BlendItBlendIt is an easy to use MXit client written in Python using GTK. BlendIt supports a host of features such as: emoticons, markup, MultiMX's, File sending/receiving, Groups and encrypted messages. (For a complete list of features see the features page. The BlendIt project has moved!BlendIt project has moved to the MXit DevZone. You can access the latest releases from there as well. No further commits or releases will be made from this Google Code project.

Mcs-fr-devzone - Communoté MCS-Fr , DevZone

Regroupement des développements de l'ensemble des projet de la team MCS-fr

Wbadmin - Admininistration software based on the Kohana framework

WB_AdminWB_Admin is an administration software based on the excellent Kohana php framework. It's not a CMS, it will never help you create a new frontend for your website, but it's purpose is to let you create backends a database using applications faster than ever. ChangeLog Main features:Yaml files are used to create readabity and flexibility when creating pretty much everything It inherits a lot of stuff from the CodeIgniter administration system called CodeExtinguisher (aka Codex) This also m

devzone - modx updates

modx updates

.devzone - some tools, some ideas not finished yet

some tools, some ideas not finished yet