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DevTeams is a web-based project management system designed primarily, but not exclusively, for developement teams that need to coordinate many projects with different clients. It is built on on top of emerging Zend Framework.



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Lubi10 - Repositorio del sistema lubi10

SVN del devteam del sistemas en php para lubi10

UOX3 DevTeam Community Project

Home of the Ultima Offline eXperiment3 DevTeam Project. With uox3 you will be able to connect Ultima Online to an offline server on a local-LAN with your friends or serve on the internet with your own shard. Find us at in the channel #uox.

Peridot - Project Peridot.

New ProgrammingLanguage is Peridot. DevTeam -> LifeMemoryTeam.

Iphoneofflinemap - iPhone Offline Map Switcher

Sorry for so Looooong Time stopI sell my iphone4 since iPhone 4S announce . And till now , there is no way to JB new iPhone 4S. So I won't start new version OM till 4S can JBWish dev-team could release New JB Tools. And Happy New Year.OM 4 is on Cydia/Bigboss repository at Sep 11Newest version is v4.0.4-1Om4 compatible with ipad resolution. If there's any problem ,please mail the log file at /tmp/iomsDebug.log to me , thanks :Dofflical language support : English , Chinese(Traditional & Simplifie