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Tools for building, testing, deployment, and configuration management.



Related Projects

Eucalyptus - Scalable cloud software for IT and DevOps

Eucalyptus is open source software for building Amazon Web Services-compatible private and hybrid clouds. The cloud software pools together compute, network, and storage resources within your IT environment to create on-demand, self-service private cloud resources.

DevopsWiki - A wiki of Devops Tools, Tutorials and Scripts

A wiki of Devops Tools, Tutorials and Scripts

P.O.W. - PowerShell on the Web - DevOps Automation Portal

The PowerShell DevOps Portal provides a SharePoint like experience but centralized around the execution of PowerShell scripts to automate DevOps oriented tasks.

St-ops - Simple Task Tracker

st is a command line task/issue/ticket tracker for small operations teams. It's a simple version of tools such as redmine, rt3, trac, lighthouse, etc. A similar project is todo.txt

Crunchtools - Small easy to use tools for systems administrators

This project is a loose collection of tools and code useful to systems administrators looking for simple solutions to use and contribute to. Modules/Sub-Projects Beaver Backup: Simple concurrent rsync/bash backup script. Uses very simple server list one per line and simple config file to perform rsync backups to a server.

ALM Rangers DevOps Tooling and Guidance

Practical tooling and guidance that will enable teams to realize a faster deployment based on continuous feedback.

docker_practice - Learn and understand Docker, with real DevOps practice!

* 0.4: 2015-01-TBD * 添加 Etcd 项目* 0.3: 2014-11-25 * 完成仓库章节; * 重写安全章节; * 修正底层实现章节的架构、名字空间、控制组、文件系统、容器格式等内容; * 添加对常见仓库和镜像的介绍; * 添加 Dockerfile 的介绍; * 重新校订中英文混排格式。 * 修订文字表达。 * 发布繁体版本分支:zh-Hant。* 0.2: 2014-09-18 * 对照官方文档重写介绍、基本概念、安装、镜像、容器、仓库、数据管理、网络等章节; * 添加底层实现章节; * 添加命令查询和资源链接章节; * 其它修正。* 0.1: 2014-09-05 * 添加基本内容; * 修正错别字和表达不通顺的地方。本书源码在 Github 上维护,欢迎参与:[](。贡献者 [名单](https://gi

Devops-toolchain - Building a toolchain for improving development to operations methodology

Be sure to join the Google Group for project updates This project is a collaborative effort to discuss methodology and successful tool chains that support development and operations life cycle activities. Note, this is not a formal standards effort, nor is it an effort to establish a single one size fits all tool chain! Hearing about current approaches and solutions is just as valuable. A tool chain philosophy espouses that a set of complimentary task specific tools are used in combination to au