mini 3d display engine

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a practise project of mini 3d engine



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A website plugin used to instantly convert static websites into web applications. Bandit will take care of all the in and out of a request, leaving you with a website devoid of static requests. Great for sites based around artwork and flow, or for anything with a feature that cannot be interrupted (chat boxes, music players, video players, etc). All URL's generated by Bandit are completely share-able, and as such Bandit does not break the portability of your site. It is designed to be completely

Jc-tree - A generic n-ary tree implementation implemented as a Java Collection

This project aims to develop Tree as an implementation of Java collection. Java collection has been mysteriously devoid of a tree implementation. This project tries to remove the deficiency by providing classes which are of Java Collection type and support tree like hierarchical structures. Enhancements (for release 2.0)1. Linked tree: a more conventional approach to building tree using parent and children nodes (available in release 1.1) 2. Implementation of a few self-balancing trees like Red

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Keyglove - Arduino source code to power the Keyglove

PROJECT SOURCE MOVED TO GITHUBAll new development (since May 2011) has used the Keyglove GitHub repository. If you want to work with the current code base, please go there instead. The Google Code repository is only left up for historical reasons. Thanks! What is Keyglove?The Keyglove is an Arduino-powered glove that uses touch combinations to generate keyboard and mouse control codes. Once learned, the glove can easily be used without looking, making it perfect for embedded/wearable environment

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The NDbModeler is a composition engine intending to mock a data store by writing and compiling C# script. The result will be a library (.dll) - an object-oriented model which can be referenced. 8/30/2011: Have updated to the most current compilable source. Currently working on a SchemaProvider to output XSD from which data object models can be created. There is no GUI yet. All classes are tested on NUnit. 8/31/2011: Updated with NDbModel.Data. This has a method that writes the .XSD from a specif

Thelongroadhome - An OpenGL-based testbed for developing GBA game

Game Concept “The Long Road Home� combines several elements from the platformer genre, timing, level navigation, and bad guys. However unlike other handheld platformers, there will be very few bad guys in the “Road Home� and instead of being small easily squashed, these enemies will be enormous. Their bodies will take up most of the world space and provide platform elements. Each level will contain a single large dragon. Rather than construct a long level spatial, we want the fight to de


Fork of ProGuard to produce Java link libraries (devoid of code, containing only class signatures)


Some convenience classes for 'thin models' -- pure domain model data objects which are devoid of persistence and other infrastructural concerns