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The project aims creating development help pages, where user can find useful information about each referenced assembly. It also have an in-place editor for each page section and a versioning system to work with previously modified pages.



Related Projects

Flashshitd - a socket policy file server written in C for Flash/Flex

FlashShitD is a socket policy file server written in C. This code is a really simple implementation of a socket server with concurrency. I don't like to write README files, but here, there is a list of URLs about why you should/could use an server: Info about this code:

Adobe-php-sdk - Helping PHP developers build RIAs with Adobe technology

Using the Adobe Spry Ajax framework and Adobe Flex, this SDK is intended to help PHP developers build cool rich Internet applications with Adobe technologies.You can download the project from explore the SDK:1. Download the .zip file from Extract the .zip file to your local webserver. It will extract to a directory called php_ria_sdk_by_adobe3. Visit the index.html page in

Maven-blazeds-spring-archetype - Maven2 archetype to generate simple project structure that employs

Inspired by todolist application from I know there're some projects that're doing the same stuff. But some of stuff i can't find in them are: Well integration with Eclipse and flex builder Allow debugging java code and flex code in Eclipse Support session timeout in flex app (undergoing) And this project I created aims to support those targets In this project, I'm using flex mojos plugin to compile Flex app. The generated code can be

As3python-xmlrpc-lib - actionscript 3 python xml-rpc library

AS3 Package: com.python.rpc.xmlrpcThe AS3 package com.python.rpc.xmlrpc contains classes for easy access of python services provided by python's SimpleXMLRPCServer implementation. The provided example is based upon tutorial: "Put a Flex UI on your application" by Bruce Eckel ( published at: \t\t\t Requires:AS3 package com.ak33m.rpc.xmlrpc.XMLRPCObject (Google code project: as3-rpclib), see Co

Php-fsapi - PHP Library for accessing the FamilySearch API

This library provides a PHP proxy client for the FamilySearch API which anyone may use to interface with the FamilySearch API. This proxy class will return the raw XML result from the FamilySearch API. This code also provides a library for parsing and working with the data returned from the FamilySearch API. The FamilySearch API returns data in an XML format. This library parses that XML into an object model which client code can work with to display and manipulate the data. This library can als

Opaf - Open PDF Analysis Framework

Opaf! It's an Open PDF Analysis Framework!A pdf file rely on a complex file structure constructed from a set tokens, and grammar rules. Also each token being potentially compressed, encrypted or even obfuscated. Open PDF Analysis Framework will understand, decompress, de-obfuscate this basic pdf elements and present the resulting soup as a clean XML tree(done!). From there a set of configurable rules can be used to decide what to keep, what to cut out and ultimately if it is safe to open the res

Taskeval - Automatic evaluator for tasks seen in algorithm-based programming contests

IntroductionTaskeval is a flexible task evaluator, written in Python, than can automatically evaluate contestants on programming tasks (or, as some call them, "problems") like those found in ACM / USACO / TopCoder Algorithm / International Olympiad in Informatics contests. My hope is that, in the future, it will become good enough to run a free, automatic online evaluation system. How to use?Please see UsageInstructions Who uses taskevalA side-project ran by a friend and I, hosted here, that bui

Flex-training - A Course Designed for Learners with Diversified Background

Welcome to Flex for Java developers - Dec 08-10, 2008 at IBM Shanghai 欢迎访问Flex培训@IBM中国上海 Instructor 讲师: Jack Li (profile) - Flex Builder/Eclipse projects and source code used in this training can be checked out from - Browse the source code online at - PPT presentation can be found under the "Downloads" tab. - You are welcome to post your questions under the "Issues"

Devnetstore - osCommerce Rebuilt

This is the osCommerce store rebuilt from the ground up. More information can be found on our wiki...

In-app-purchase-air-ios - Sample Actionscript Native Extension for In-App Purchase capabilities on i

A sample Actionscript Native Extension for In-App Purchase capabilities on iOS. This will allow any AIR for iOS application to use the capabilities of In-App Purchases provided by iOS SDK. Help:General Help(Usage,packaging,deployment) about using Native Extensions in AIR: Please read this link completely before submitting any issues. Some sample native extensions to get started: