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This project is for homebrew console development tools based on the gnu compiler collection with additional tools and libraries to aid programming each supported console. The windows variants are built with MinGW.



Related Projects

GNU ARM Eclipse Plug-in

This plug-in is an Eclipse CDT Manged Build Extension for GNU ARM Toolchains like CodeSourcery G++ Lite, GNUARM, WinARM, Yagarto, devkitPro, Summon.

Gbaut - Utility Library for development with the Game Boy Advance

GBAUT is a fast, lightweight library with many utility functions for developing on the Game Boy Advance platform. The demos are meant to be built with devKitPro's toolchain.

Parallelworlds - Parallel Worlds: Combined

Parallel Worlds is a Nintendo DS game designed to add a unique touch to the platforming experience whilst retaining the basic platformer game style. It is made with PAlib in the C coding language.

Paperscissor - Paper, Scissors, Rock

This project is all about developing a Paper, Scissors, Rock game. It was originally started with a version for Nintendo DS handheld console, and the Gameboy Advance. But in reality the whole "Paper, Scissors, Rock"-deal is just my own personal exploration of programming languages, operating systems and handheld devices. Before this project, PSR games in Java, PHP, Python and JavaScript had been written, the sources for these are possibly long gone. Now almost a year after the latest PSR4DS rele

Wiidoubledown - Black Jack for the Wii

Please see WiiCasino, the new updated version that includes Craps! Black Jack game/simulation for wii homebrew. Developed using devkitPro and GRRLIB Coding by mdbrim. Graphics by MrNick666 FeaturesBlack Jack Assistant Card Counting Assistant Music / SFX Featuring the debut of Miis in homebrew! Multi-deck option (shoe) All New Graphics Custom/Random Table color support Save favorite settings Statistics Various Currencies Dpad Navigation Classic Controller and nunchuck support and more! To DoSave

Spritely - Sprite editor for Gameboy Advance & Nintendo DS development

SpritelySpritely is an editor that allows you to easily create sprites for Gameboy Advance (GBA) and Nintendo DS (NDS) programming projects. It is designed specifically for programmers who are just starting out in GBA/NDS game development. Spritely is best described as a simple paint program that allows you to create a set of foreground/background sprites and screen maps. It also includes an "Export..." option that creates a complete GBA/NDS project - source code, makefile and all. In conjunctio

Ndsalphacol - NDS Alpha Collection: A collection of codes for you to learn to program to NDS.

NDS Alpha Collection: A collection of codes for you to learn to program to NDS. Included: Devkitpro Tutorial

Reversi DS

Reversi DS is a single player reversi game for the Nintendo DS. It is developed using devkitPro.