DevKit V2

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DevKit V2 is an engineering platform for C programmer which makes it possible to port your sources to other platforms without sourcecode-changes. A graphic and sprite engine is included. This project is currently not completly finished, sorry,try out



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A open-source NES emulator for the Nintendo DS. It can be compiled with GCC(devkitPRO/devkitARM, the version supported) or ADS(the original version, no update).


This project is for homebrew console development tools based on the gnu compiler collection with additional tools and libraries to aid programming each supported console. The windows variants are built with MinGW.

GNU ARM Eclipse Plug-in

This plug-in is an Eclipse CDT Manged Build Extension for GNU ARM Toolchains like CodeSourcery G++ Lite, GNUARM, WinARM, Yagarto, devkitPro, Summon.

Ll-devkit - LogLogic Web Services Dev Kit

This is the home project for LogLogic Web Services Dev Kit Discussion Forum LogLogic's Open API Documentation If you have questions on this project, email open at

Wiidoubledown - Black Jack for the Wii

Please see WiiCasino, the new updated version that includes Craps! Black Jack game/simulation for wii homebrew. Developed using devkitPro and GRRLIB Coding by mdbrim. Graphics by MrNick666 FeaturesBlack Jack Assistant Card Counting Assistant Music / SFX Featuring the debut of Miis in homebrew! Multi-deck option (shoe) All New Graphics Custom/Random Table color support Save favorite settings Statistics Various Currencies Dpad Navigation Classic Controller and nunchuck support and more! To DoSave

DevKit Advance

Software Development Kit for the Nintendo(tm) Gameboy Advance(tm) based on GCC.

Ntfrontend - NDS Tool frontend

Windows GUI front-end for ndstool in devkitARM. See also this page-_,-

Omap3530mp4player - mp4player

devkit8000 board play mp4 file