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A Perl profiler compatible with dprofpp.



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Devel-fastprof - Perl Devel::FastProf - fast perl code profiler

Perl Devel::FastProf is a profiler for perl source code. By default it measures the time spent executing each line of code and the number of times it was executed. Uniquely, it can also work with other levels of granularity, most notably blocks and loops.

Perl-devel-nytprof - Devel::NYTProf, Advanced Perl Code Profiler

ABOUTDevel::NYTProf is an adavanced, line-by-line code profiler with built-in report generation capability. In short, it uses a XS (or C) library to "quickly" profile your code. The statistics collected can then be run through one of the reporting modules (included) to produce detailed reports. For example, an HTML reporter is included which generates a page for each of your modules. That report includes stats such as: Total calls (times executed) Total time spent Average time/call Color highlig

Erkale - DFT/HF from Hel: A Flexible Program Package for X-ray Properties of Atoms and Molecules

What is ERKALE?ERKALE is a quantum chemistry program used to solve the electronic structure of atoms, molecules and molecular clusters. It is developed at the University of Helsinki. The main use of ERKALE is the computation of x-ray properties, such as ground-state electron momentum densities and Compton profiles, and core (x-ray absorption and x-ray Raman scattering) and valence electron excitation spectra of atoms and molecules. Why use ERKALE?it's free it's reasonably fast it's easy to devel

Drupal-facebook-stream-module - This module allows the users of your application to access their fac

Facebook Live Stream as a Drupal ModuleLatest source code for this project is available on Please check module leverages the Facebook Open Stream API. Once installed, the module allows users of the Drupal instance to access their Facebook account and view the real time stream of their friends’ updates from Facebook in a block within their Drupal instance. Users can control the number of posts viewable via the profile settings tab. To ac

Ibm-cbc-genomic-tools - GenomicTools: a computational platform for developing high-throughput analyt

Contents Introduction Latest news License Installation Documentation Examples Citation References Contact IntroductionGenomicTools is a flexible computational platform for the analysis and manipulation of high-throughput sequencing data such as RNA-seq and ChIP-seq. GenomicTools implements a variety of mathematical operations between sets of genomic regions thereby enabling the prototyping of computational pipelines that can address a wide spectrum of tasks from preprocessing and quality control

Devel-Profile - Release history of Devel-Profile

Release history of Devel-Profile

Devel-Profiler - Release history of Devel-Profiler

Release history of Devel-Profiler

perl-Devel-Profiler - Devel::Profiler - a Perl profiler compatible with dprofpp

Devel::Profiler - a Perl profiler compatible with dprofpp

Kickassphp - A collection of PHP classes publicly released by Developer's Helsinki (http://devel

Kickass PHP is the name of our collection of loosely coupled PHP classes that we used for our in-house projects. They solve some PHP issues or limitations, and speed-up specific developments (mainly CLI stuff). We release them publicly (MIT License) because we love Open Source. Check out our company's website, and feel free to contact us, we're nice. :-) ConfigSimple configuration handler class (singleton-based) that supports INI, JSON and pure PHP config files, as well as caching (APC). No bloa

Devel-AutoProfiler - Release history of Devel-AutoProfiler

Release history of Devel-AutoProfiler