DEV web management system

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Dev is powerful and very flexible content management system for web portals. System is licensed as freeware under the terms of GNU/GPL licence. It is absolutely free for non-commercial and commercial use. Based on php4 + MySQL technology.



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Geo-platform - The first pure java opensource framework webgis oriented

Geo-Platform Introducing Geo PlatformThe fast webgis framework Geo-Plaform is a framework to develop Rich Web GIS Application. The Framework consists of two main modules: geoplatform-gui (Containing the complete logic for the UI) geoplatform-services (Containing the complete logic for the service stack) Join in the group geo-platform-dev Hudson Labs - Continuous Geo-Platform Integration Jenkins Home

Mbari-dss - MBARI Oceanographic Decision Support System (ODSS)

This is a prototype of an Oceanographic Decision Support System being developed by MBARI with collaboration with USC and other institutes. This prototype can be found here: Special recognition to Jnaneshwar Das of USC for the prototype used to prove key concepts during the October 2010 BloomEx / BioSpace field campaign and to Carlos Rueda for the second prototype built on OGC Web Services. Implemented with Google Web Toolkit (GWT) and built on OGC Web Services (WMS,