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Dev-C++ is an full-featured Integrated Development Environment (IDE) for Win32. It uses GCC, Mingw or Cygwin as compiler and libraries set. This project has been superseded by



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Devbox - Little DEV-Tool for Developers

For C++, Java, JavaScript, Objective C and also HTML5.

Oflute - oFlute is a musical game in which you play the recorder (flute) à la SingStar

ATTENTION: this project is no longer updated nor mantained. Also, bear in mind that latest versions of Ubuntu broke compatibility with some base libraries so oFlute won't work on them either. oFlute is a musical game in which the player has to play the recorder properly to get points, following a musical staff. Also, it features a couple of basic lessons about how to play the recorder and learning the basics of music. I'm developing it as my final degree project. Dependencies & installationIf yo


DevMic is an Integrated Development Environment (IDE) for Small Device C compiler (SDCC) based on Dev-Cpp. The main aim is to allow programmers to develop software for microcontrollers easily and quickly.

Wiikeyboard - Using Virtual Keyboard with wiimote

IntroductionWiikeyboard is an open source human-computer interface that allows us to use a virtual on-screen keyboard using a Wii Remote. Projects detailsThe project was developed by students at the University of Messina, Faculty of Engineering, coordinated by Prof. Giancarlo iannizzotto (VisiLab - Computer Vision Laboratory ). Software requirementsWiikeyboard has been tested on Ubuntu 10.04. You should also have the following packages or libraries installed: libgtk2.0-dev libglib2.0-dev libblue

Vutpp - VisualUnitTest++ 0.4 - VisualStudio Addin for UnitTest

Welcome to VisualUnitTest++ Addin! I have enjoyed using VisualUnitTest++ in my project, and hope you find it useful too! VisualUnitTest++ is not a testing framework itself. Instead, it needs a testing framework for writing tests. Please Read FrameworkGuide first! Support PlatformsVisual Studio 2003(+new) Visual Studio 2005 Visual Studio 2008 Support FrameworksUnitTest++ CppUnitLite CppUnitLite2 BoostTest WinUnit GoogleTest(+new) LicenseNo License <!> �슈는 한글로 올려주셔� �니다

Lightcallcenter - a light call center middleware for free

a light call center middleware call center could be free? 使用 google v8 作IVR解� 使用三汇�。 Code used Lib list Here Xerces c++ 3.0 loki Mysql Connector C++ Any problem,contact

Base64encoding - Implementation of the base64 encoding in C

DescriptionThis is a simple base64 encoding implementation, based on the openSSL library. I found this code on and modified it a bit with some Linux compatibility and a decoding function. \t Compiling:To compile this code you need the openSSL development libraries. In Windows I copied all the headers and lib files into my Dev-Cpp folder and compiled the code with the command: gcc base64.c -l libeay32 or for static linking: gcc base64.c /usr/lib/libcrypto.a In Linux/Unix

Validateur-xml-bison-flex - validateur xml simple (sans DTD)

Validateur XML simple (sans DTD) en ligne de commande . Dans le cadre du master 1 recherche a l'universite de montpellier 2 (TER d'Analyse Syntaxique), il nous est demandé de créer un validateur xml a partir des outils flex et bison ( gnu ) . Flex et Bison sont disponibles pour windows et linux . Ils permettent de générer un code source C ou C++ a partir d'expréssions régulières . Ensuite on utilise Dev-Cpp pour traiter le code C ou C++ généré (édition de lien et compilation) . Le val

Nsiqcppstyle - C/C++ Coding Style Checker

Caution : Please use new version Previous versions has a serious bug in autoupdate. Please follow the @junotest in twitter, if you wanna get the new release info. nsiqcppstyle is aiming to provide the extensible / easy use / highly maintainable coding style checker for C/C++ source code. Rules and analysis engine are seperated and users can develop own C/C++ coding style rule. Furthermore, there is customizable rule server(Google App Engine or dJango based) as well. This project is deve