Desktop Notes and Contacts

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Desktop Contacts aims to provide a lightweight, always on top set of tabs at the top of the screen that, when clicked, displays an editable contact list and quick notes. The project is written in VB.Net 2.0 and C# 2.0 (ExtendedRichTextBox control).



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Desktop contacts

desktop-contacts was a smal attempt to evaluate the SF service. The code id not updated for two years.

Organizer-desktop - Contact manager, that helps you to organize your contacts, import and export to

Organizer DesktopContact manager written in Java. To run this application you must have database to store all data Current functions: Creating, removing and updating contacts and contact groups Image support - add local image or image from URL to contact Sorting contacts by labels Export and import contacts to XML, HTML a TXT files Export to Gmail - creates new contact group with given name Import from Gmail - all contacts or just selected groups Export/Import contact images to/from Gmail CSV su