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The project is aimed to develop an application which tracks relations of resources (files, URLs etc.) to user’s activities. It should allow user to work with tasks and not with files. This is much more natural and efficient.



Related Projects


Lobotomy is not a project: Lobotomy is more projects. BrainTop, Synapse, Hyppocampus and others are developed to create a relational desktop system and a new user interface paradigm.

tensorflow - Computation using data flow graphs for scalable machine learning

TensorFlow is an open source software library for numerical computation using data flow graphs. Nodes in the graph represent mathematical operations, while the graph edges represent the multidimensional data arrays (tensors) that flow between them. This flexible architecture lets you deploy computation to one or more CPUs or GPUs in a desktop, server, or mobile device without rewriting code. TensorFlow was originally developed by researchers and engineers working on the Google Brain team within

Graf - a software library for brain connectivity research

this project is in a very early stage overviewgraf is a software library for brain connectivity research. although the brain connectivity research is the primary domain here, any large scale network research can benefit from this software library. requirementscalculate the graph/network measures on brain images as fast as possible no external dependencies (e.g. MATLAB or GSL GNU Scientific Library) except a linux desktop computer system constraintsfor voxel-based studies 20k vertices are common

Cachedwebapplication - CWA is a format for the global internet brain.

A global internet brain is an interconnection of computational devices. This interconnection will enable user to access information from any device. The device may be occassionally connected or persistently connected. In the former case, the devices will be synched when brought online. Both kind of devices are expected to grow at the same rate. Also the interconnection should enable business transaction, education, entertainment, scientific application and enterprise management from anywhere and

Wikichucks - The Personal Wiki With The Awful Name.

For as long as there's been too much information to keep in one brain, folks have been writing things down. Wikichucks! provides a framework for quickly and easily writing stuff down for later reference. In short, Wikichucks! is a searchable outboard brain (a windows-based desktop wiki) that helps you manage all the info-widgets you'd never remember unless you stored them centrally in your personal wiki. Possible Benefits ==Flexible== Manage your info-widgets your way with this massively customi

Temporaryfav - place the temporary website

Sometimes you look for website to get specifically information. Instead of seting up a bookmark for it,maybe you feel like keeping them on the desktop until you digest it. The excessive temporary website will tousle your desktop when sometimes your brain don't have good appetite. At that time,you will need the so-called Temporaryfav.

Treedroid - An Outliner and Mind Mapping Application for Android

AboutTreeDroid aims to be a lightweight, "enhanced" todo-list and mind mapping tool, similar in concept to older tools such as BrainForest and Woody, for the Android platform. Planned features include: Unlimited depth nesting of nodes/items A notes/memo field available to every node (to prevent cluttering the main display while still permitting detail when needed) "States" for each node: normal (no special handling), done/not done (simple checkbox), percentage done (5% or 10% increments?) Automa

Projectcloud - Web / PC / Mobile interface that connect you to all your favorite sites/services at o

This project is broken up into multiple development phases. Phase 1: The "idea" of this project is to create, first, a web site that allows someone to create a user account, profile, then enable "apps" or "mods" that allow them to enter login details for their favorite sites or services(most common sites/services such as Gmail,Facebook,MySpace,Twitter,Ebay,etc.) and have them all available, live, on thier interface page. To compare: Almost a "Trillian" multi chat interface, but for web pages and

Faster - 1k Proof of concept to achieve much faster boot times while enhancing daemon managing

What is faster?Faster is a very little init script aimed at Linux power-users and geek stuff oriented people. It is not industrial strength and does not comply with any other buzzwords. What it really does well is providing much better daemon handling (by means of a daemon manager e.g., daemontools) whilst offering the fastest boot times you can achieve in your machine (desktop or server). Another init..?It is NOT really an init. Conversely, it is an illustration of the useless nature of init pr

Brainflow - Software for the visualization of functional neuroimaging data

BrainflowOverviewBrainflow is a desktop application for the visualization of functional brain imaging data. The goal of Brainflow is to make the display of volumetric imaging data as painless and easy as possible. Certain things, such as viewing multiple image layers, creating custom color maps, performing 'on the fly' conjunction analyses, are not terribly well supported by existing visualization packages. Brainflow attempts to remedy this. Goals of the ProjectBrainflow has relatively limited a