3D Desktop

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3D Desktop is a Linux OpenGL program for switching virtual desktops in a seamless 3-dimensional manner. The current desktop is zoomed out into a fullscreen 3D environment where the next desktop to switch to is selected.




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Cpsed is a Linux OpenGL 3d scene editor. The GUI is built with QT library. It allows you to position, rotate and scale each of your 3d models (3DS AutoDesk and DFF RenderWare) saving the x,y,z coords in a CSV ascii file. A camera is provided.


An OS X screen saver that renders a 3d quot;perpetual motionquot; desk toy with up to 10 weighted rings.

VirtuaDesk - a 3d file manager

A 3d desktop manager and 3d file manager written in Java and Java3D. Visit the Official Home Page Project at http://virtuadesk.sourceforge.net

Scrambled-egg - Encrypt your message with ease

Easily encrypt your messages using AES, ARC2, Blowfish, CAST, DES3 or RSA, then encode the result in a printable form, using Base64, Base32, HEX, Quopri, string escape, UU, XML or Json. The resulted string can be copied and sent on e-mail as text, or can be saved as XML, Json or UU, or can be transformed into a little PNG image. For example, the message "look behind the old desk", crypted with AES, with password "acorn1955" would become: GAYic8DgN23tf/fN6UXUlETNNJENbNyi8tRjpsyVkJs= (in Base64) 1

Vault101flashbacks - Introduces a quest line to Fallout 3 that involves revisiting Vault 101 as a ch

WARNING!!!! This mod is not complete, and using the journal will remove all your items, and turn you into a child. I haven't made a way for you to get back to your original condition either, so it is a virtual dead-end in the game. To use it in its current form, travel to Arlington Library, and walk around the front desk a bit. Then the book should be used, and you can see how it'd go from there. Don't save when using, and you should be fine. The modded files are: Copies of Vault101d cells, Vaul

Isce - International Stem Cell Exchange

ISCE International Stem Cell Exchange1. Think of an ILX feed flashing BUY & SELL orders.2. Something like B2B (Purchase Pro)3. Size of the Market4. Product Description5. Links to prospectus description of product.6. Voice Mail and Chat like Yahoo Mesenger or Maybe Google ChatItems to be traded antibodies, stem cells, & equipt. online!The existing model is on the videohttp://khalidnatto.tripod.com/id1.htmlI want to go to the next level...flashing screens like at my Old Desk at Morgan Stanley.I al

Developerhappinessdays - developer event in London (sponsored by JISC)

Hello world! Welcome to dev8D.This is the event wiki and code repository! Note: If you would like more overall information on what this event is please see the dev8D blog or website. Otherwise, this wiki is the place where all activity during the event will be posted, so if you get lost while in Bloomsbury return here to find out where you should be or what you could be doing. Otherwise, please head on over to the blog for pre and post event news (RSS feed here). dev8D wiki & code repositoryUse


DeskMetrics Library for Unity3D


DeskVOX is a real-time visualization tool for 3D data sets like image stacks from CT or MRI scanners, or confocal microscopes. It has an easy to use GUI and runs under Windows or Linux.