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Dermis is a classic ASP port of the Smarty (2.6.26) templating framework. Separate code and presentation! Documentation, step-by-step installation instructions and plenty of example code is included to get you going quickly. Build: 20100510



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Tentatant - håret skall svalla från skalliga mäns huvuden

Making hair is a beautiful thingHair is an outgrowth of protein, found only on mammals. It projects from the epidermis, though it grows from hair follicles deep in the dermis. Although many other organisms, especially insects, show filamentous outgrowths, these are not considered "hair". So-called "hairs" (trichomes) are also found on plants. The projections on arthropods, such as insects and spiders are actually insect bristles, composed of a polysaccharide called chitin. The hair of non-human

sandbox - dermis sandbox

dermis sandbox

boiler-old - dermis + vein + jade + coffee + mocha + grunt

dermis + vein + jade + coffee + mocha + grunt

chanjs - Imageboard using node, coffee-script, vein, and dermis.

Imageboard using node, coffee-script, vein, and dermis.

dermis - Lightweight framework

Lightweight framework


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