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Dent is a project focused upon network modeling and analysis tools. The project currently supports an OS X, Cocoa-based application and technologies based upon the Mozilla framework.



Related Projects

Jdentpro - Java implementation of dental office management application

DentPro is a DOS based dental office management application using a FoxPro database backend. This is an attempt to recreate the DentPro user interface using Java as the front end and MySQL as the backend.

Perusseonline - Ptit projet pour enfin nettoyer les perusses en double

Base mysql Clients winforms c# pour saisie serveur web php interface Silver light, quand les poules auront des dents

LinuDent Project

A Project to produce Dental Practice Management Software


Dent-Inn es una aplicacioacute;n de gestioacute;n para cliacute;nicas dentales. Almacena los datos de los pacientes, dentigramas, citas y tratamientos, presupuestos, radiografiacute;as, informes, etc.

Lemosassymetryanalysis - Lemos Assymetry Analysis

Lemos Assymetry Analysis é um plugin de código aberto desenvolvido para realizar análises de simetria de imagens. Uma de suas utilidades está no estudo da simetria facial a partir de imagens retiradas de radiografias. Uma atividade bastante explorada é a correção da arcada dentária pelos oftamologistas. Este plugin é desenvolvido na plataforma Java e roda através do programa de processamento de imagens - também de código aberto e mesma plataforma Java - chamado ImageJ.

OpenDental UA fork

It's fork of open source project OpenDental aimed to provide functionality suitable for Ukrainian dentists.

Open Dental Software

AKA Free Dental. The premier open source dental practice management program. Initially runs on Windows. Written in C# and uses mySQL database. Maintains patient information, insurance, appointments, charting, scanning, Rx, etc.

Realtime-related-stream-bar - Realtime Related Stream Bar; A Collecta-powered jQuery plugin

This is a jQuery plugin to create a bar of real-time stream of information related to your post powered by Collecta search engine. Collecta monitors the streams of news sites, popular blogs and social media. So it can show you results as they happen. There are five content categories in Collecta - updates, stories, comments, photos, and videos. Features: Allow me to summarize the features of this plugin. Show realtime related stream of information based on your post tags. Collecta provides strea

Lapyrinthe - Lapyrinthe is a small labyrinth game...

Lapyrinthe is a labyrinth game written in Python. This is a small project and it's free..! Previous Version : Current Version : CodeName of the current version : Lapy_v1 Features and bug fixes : Propellers and propellers stop boxes are implemented (levels B, C, D) ! Level E is managed entirely now... all of them are managed ! The application is in french, english, danish, slovak, german and hebrew. Translations : French English Danish (95%) Slovak (95%) German (17%) Hebrew (5