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Denoser is a perl-based tool that filters out the quot;nosesquot; (usually hyphens) from the ASCII quot;smileysquot; and quot;emoticonsquot; frequently used in text-based communication (such as email and web fora). Aims for platform independence and easy embeddability.



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A socle (sok-lee) is a plynth, or a foundation on which greater works are built. It non-coincidentally also contains the letter sequence 'ocl'. socles is a Java-hosted OpenCL processing library using JOCL as the binding mechanism. The goal is to produce a set of good implementations of basic image processing stages implemented in OpenCL, primarily targeting GPU processors. News25-5-12 Maybe a bit over-keen after a couple of wins elsewhere, I ported clsurf over to socles as well. I've checked in

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