Doomsday Engine

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A portable game engine for classic first person shooters such as DOOM, Heretic and Hexen. Lets you enjoy the original games using modern technology, including high-resolution OpenGL graphics, 3D models, and dynamic lighting effects.



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Caoyuan - Snnipets code from Caoyuan Deng

Snnipets code from Caoyuan Deng

DENG Modular X-Browser

DENG is a modular class library written in OOP Actionscript 1, turning the Macromedia Flash Player 6 into a webbased, zero-install, cross browser/platform, modular and standards compliant XML/CSS2 browser.

Weblogmining - My Web Log Mining Learning Project

Tittle: Adaptive Web Site Generation on Web Log Mining Author: ZongHuan Deng Begin Date: 2009-02-15

Jbosstown - Exploring JBoss Application Server and its relating projects

Summaryjbosstown contains various sub projects that explores JBoss Application Server and its relating projects. SourceThis project used Mercury repositories for version control. There are multiple repositories exist in here. Current list of repositories are: default - It's currently empty jboss-examples - A sandbox repository for many JBoss related examples, templates and development notes. rabbithat/service-runner - A Java components libraries. Range from Java language helpers, to some generic

Sweetscala - A Scala framework for building dynamic web applications

Sweet is a web application framework for building dynamic web content that runs on any Java servlet server. The framework is made with Scala, a more advance and easier to write programming language compared to Java. Since Sweet applications can run on a Java Virtual Machine, it can take advantage of all the Java libraries, servers, and large communities. Our visions and goals for Sweet is SWEET itself: Simplicity - Sweet needs to keep complex things simple. Works - Sweet needs to be practical an

Aiexperiment - Our experiments for Artificial Inteligence course

Our experiments for Artificial Inteligence course. By James Deng in Sun-yat-set university,PRC.

Spring-runner - A simple Spring server.

The spring-runner project provides some simple runner services that can bootstrap any Java service like process. It comes with a SpringRunner that takes any Spring XML configuration files and run it. Example: $ bin/run-spring config/simpleservice-beans.xmlINFO SpringRunner | Registered MBean: springrunner:type=service,name=SpringRunnerINFO SpringRunner | Starting Service[springrunner.SpringService@11546234]INFO FileSystemXmlApplicationContext| Refreshing

Pychmviewer - 一个用python写的linux下的chm阅读软件

一个用python写的linux下的chm阅读软件。kchmviewer是linux下我最喜欢的chm阅读工具,但是对中文支æŒ�ä¸�够好。 于是我写了这个pychmviewer,解决了中文编解ç �问题(在我测试的文件里暂时还没å�‘现问题),功能上大体和kchmviewer相近(目录ã€�索引ã€�æ�œç´¢ã€�书签),界é�¢ä½¿ç”¨pyqt4实现(界é�¢å’Œkchmviewer很åƒ�,是在kchmviewerçš„ui文件上改过æ�¥çš„),如果和我一样使用kde4的朋å�‹ä»¬åº”该会看ç�€æ¯”较ä

Charnet - A organization compentency management system.

This project, sponsored by Ministry of Education, China, aims to build a management information system which helps knowledge intensing enterprises to manage their compentency. The entire Project, including its source package and design principle, is started by Sway Deng and Blues Zhang, from SouthEast Univ. Nanjing, China.All rights reserved to CharNet Team.