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(moved to Demi is an object-oriented library for Gameboy Advance programming. The main purpose of this project is to standardize commonly used aspects of GBA programming with an integrated standard library.



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Demisauce - Software as a Service, Content Managment, KB, Feedback systems, comment system

Demi Sauce is an application that offers web services to other applications. It operates as a server in your environment that other applications use like a software component using either Javascript embeds, or xml web services. Rather than building on top of a framework to get additional capability above your native app, Demi Sauce is all web service based to keep it separated but easily integrated with your software application. You would use it within your existing application by calling simpl


DemiBlog is part blog engine, part content management system, part photo gallery and part message board. It supports MySQL and PostgreSQL backends, and outputs valid HTML 4 or XHTML 1.x. It's written in PHP 5.x, and aimed at the advanced user.

Feedflare - FeedFlare for FeedBurner

FeedFlare for FeedBurner: 1. HEMiDEMi 2. funP 3. MyShare

Feedflaretwbookmark - feedburner feedflare

FeedFlare for FeedBurner: (using chinese language) 1. HEMiDEMi 2. funP 3. MyShare

Foo-org-ve - Personal public repository used to store/share tutorials, utilities and small incubatio

Demián Gutierrez's personal public repository used to store/share tutorials, utilities and small incubation projects. Other repositories where I have code are:

Menipu - Demi menipu yang lebih baik

Tugas besar OOP #2: MONOPOSIMS GUI!! Ayo ayo kita jadi kelompok dengan nilai rata2 tertinggi lagi!! HAHAHAHA sombong

Sqlite-net - A small library to easily access SQLite databases from .NET/Mono/MonoTouch applications

MOVED TO GITHUBsqlite-net is now hosted on github at Please use that code as it has many advancements over this legacy code. Thanks! -Frank OLD CONTENTsqlite-net is an open source, minimal library to allow .NET and Mono applications to store data in SQLite 3 databases. It is written in C# 3.0 and is meant to be simply compiled in with your projects. It was first designed to work with MonoTouch on the iPhone, but should work in any other CLI environment. s

Vulcan-drafts - Preparatory drafts for "Construction-Plan-1.0"s, "Design-Plan-1.0&quo

While there's more, the "Vulcan" reference is mearly a symbol, referring to (that demi-god's major) action was with tools (not the supernatural). "Project" will share simple, mostly computerized, methods I associate with early planning labors. While Pro grades may be mentioned, THIS plan will start DOS-game like and progress (graphically) up to directx 8s. Further is NOT what this project is about... Note- "Sim..." and "...Tycoon" were my firsts, not CAD. Lastly, this will include My "vulcan-dra