Demeter Terrain Engine

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A cross-platform terrain rendering engine that uses advanced techniques such as dynamic tessellation to render complex landscapes at high frame rates. Suitable for use in games, engineering, simulation, etc.



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DAJ is an extension of the AspectJ programming language to incorporate adaptive programming concepts from the Demeter project.

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CocoaNav parses OSX frameworks and makes them searchable in a nice Core Animation View. CocoaNav is mostly written in RubyCocoa, with two ObjectiveC classes : CNItem and FrameworkViewBackground. It's a document based app. Download CocoaNav InternalsModel and controllersApplicationController manages data : handles FrameworkParsing, preferences, computing the ClassTree, WalkingTheTree, and FrameworkColors CNItem is the all purpose data class : it stores parsed class names, methods, protocols and c

Demeter Cop

This Eclipse plugin will enforce the Law of Demeter by re-engineering Java code and providing a variety of solutions to these violations.

Testability-explorer - Static analysis tool for Java which helps you make your code testable

Quick LinksGetting Started | How Testability is determined | How to Contribute | Scores for Open-Source projects Sample ReportsSource-annotated Report Testability-explorer is a tool which analyzes Java bytecode and computes how difficult it will be to write unit tests for the code. It attempts to help you quantitatively determine how hard your code is to test, and where to focus to make it more testable. Testability Explorer can be used: As a learning tool which flags causes of hard to test code

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Projeto de website da equipe de suporte do Clube Fotorio. Existe a versão principal produção, que é o Fórum ativo. E existem 3 outros ambientes de testes que são: Crown Demeter Quimera Cada um possuem subdomínio, arquivos, cookies e banco de dados distintos. e são réplicas do Fórum. Os logins de acesso ao banco de dados está no arquivo config.php, na raiz de cada subdominio.

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git mirror of the rails plugin demeters_revenge

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A Simple way to apply Law of Demeter to your Ruby objects


A Simple way to apply Law of Demeter to your Ruby objects

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Law of Demeter in ActiveRecord models

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