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Web site load tester. Simulates multiple user types and counts. Includes proxy server for recording playback scripts, and log evaluator for generating result statistics.



Related Projects

Delugex - Bittorrent client for OS X

DelugeX is a frontend to Deluge for Mac OS X. It's built using PyObjC and Cocoa. Currently, the project is in its infancy, and hardly anything works, so please don't file any bugs (or for that matter, even try to run it), just look at the pretty screenshots that I'm posting here and rest assured that you'll be able to run DelugeX on your Mac... someday. Just as Deluge was a project for me to learn Python, DelugeX is a project for me to learn PyObjC and Cocoa. Expect some rough edges at first. Fr

Htpc-utils - A toolbox for the lazy/impatience HTPC user

HTPC utils is a tool/script set for using with HTPCs. Tools are mainly designed for a system running a combination of Flexget -> Deluge , Subdownloader -> XBMC (wiimote). This apps give the complete auto-download and visualization HTPC experience.

Deluge-www - Scheduled for deletion

Web interface plugin for the Deluge Bittorrent client.

Python-libtorrent - Python wrapper for the C++ libtorrent library

NOTICE: this project has moved to the Deluge project server: http://deluge-torrent.orgThis project provides a Python module for the bittorrent protocol. The torrent engine itself is taken from the Sourceforge libtorrent project (and not the Rakshasa project, which happens to also be called 'libtorrent'). This project provides both the libtorrent engine and Python wrapper code for it.python-libtorrent is made specifically for the Deluge bittorrent client, but may be used by other apps, of course.

Torquetorrent - Web Based Torrent Management

Designed as a replacement for Torrentflux, Torque is a powerful multiuser interface built on top of the Deluge client that allows users to collaboratively use the torrenting peer-to-peer community. See Screenshots, Features, About Torque is built using: Python, Django, and ExtJS

Jfeeds-u - JFeeds-U is a Java application that allows you to schedule the download of .torrent files

JFeeds-U is a Java application that allows you to schedule the download of .torrent files from the feed. JFeeds-U fills a gap of some very good and popular BitTorrent clients such as Deluge, which don't have an embedded RSS scheduler. JFeeds-U isn't a plugin, because it's compatible with any client that has the feature of listening to a torrent download folder, like Deluge. Just schedule and TorrentRSS downloads the torrent to an user specified folder. Then, let your BT client do the re

Python-gnt - Python bindings for libgnt, an ncurses toolkit that uses glib events.

python-gnt provides python bindings for libgnt, and ncurses toolkit that uses glib events. It also includes a bunch of applications: An RSS reader An ID3 tag editor for mp3 files. A client for GNU Parted A client for XMMS2 A client for Deluge A client for museekd The git repository is hosted at:

Gats - Germs Are the Suspects is an automatic TV torrent downloader.

GATS is Python package for robustly parsing feeds of TV episode torrents. Subscribing to your favorite TV show is a matter of choosing its name from a list. Various interfaces (CLI utility, Gtk application, plugin for the Deluge BitTorrent client, Mac OS X/Aqua application...) are or will be available.

Selene-transmission - A pygtk gui to connect transmission-daemon via ssh (or not)

IMPORTANT NOTICE: This project is discontinued because Deluge-torrent (Website) achieved the same goals on a utterly better manner. Deluge-torrent is more stable and is better supported./!\\ IMPORTANTE : Este proyecto ha sido abandonado porque Deluge-torrent (sitio web) ya posee la misma funcionalidad, es más estable, y tiene mejor soporte. (OUTDATED)DescriptionEnglish:Selene-torrent is a grafical user interface which lets you control transmission-daemon remotely and easily, via ssh or locally,