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DelphineOS is a quot;unix-likequot; OS designed for i386 processors and higher. It uses 32bits, protected mode, multitasking, virtual memory... The source code is written in PASCAL. If you want to HELP us, send e-mail to



Related Projects

cinE - the cinematic Engine

cinE is a reimplementation of Delphine software's cinematique engine (evol 1 amp; 2) The game to be supported are Futur Wars (les voyageurs du temps: la menace), Operation Stealth and Cruise for a corpse (Croisiere pour un cadavre).

agree grammar engineering environment

agree is a concurrent parse/generation engine, a .NET implementation of the DELPH-IN joint reference formalism for natural language analysis.

Delph-in - DELPH-IN development libraries and tools

This project contains implementations in multiple languages for many tasks related to DELPH-IN resources. For instance, there is code to load and inspect [incr tsdb()] profiles, load and compare MRSs, and more. All code is open source, but as it comes from many contributors there are different licenses used. An effort will be made to unify all the code under a common license.

Cstitproject - A tool to efficiently generate and compare packed DMRS structures

RmrsDmrsComparison ToolCambridge University Computer Laboratory MPhil in Computer Speech Text and Internet Technology (CSTIT) Individual Project A DMRS comparison tool developed as part of the DELPH-IN tool kitThe ‘RmrsDmrsComparison’ tool operates on DMRS syntactic representation of sentences in XML format and stores them in memory using efficient data structures. These files contain many sentences each with many associated parses. The tool has five different usages triggered by different c

Dingoo-newraw - New RAW - Another World Interpreter for Dingoo A320 Native OS

New RAW - an Another World / Out of this world interpreter. Based on work of Gregory Montoir. Original game is by Eric Chahi / Delphine Software. You'll need datafiles from original game to use this interpreter. Instructions:Place game datafiles in the same folder with Currently, only the english PC DOS version is supported ("Out of this World"). Control keys:pad left, right - move left/right. pad up - jump. pad down - squat. A - action. Other keys:left/right trigger - volume down/up. se

Propka - The PROPKA 2.0 written in python Created by Donald Ephraim Curtis with help from Todd Dolinsky and Nathan Baker PROPKA 2.0 added by David M. Rogers Use PROPKA and PDB2PQR to add hydrogens to your x-ray structure: PDB2PQR PROPKA 2.0 includes ligands in pKa prediction and will use the first conformer set. For assistance see the PROPKA 2.0 Tutorial. The PROPKA method is developed by the Jensen Research Group Department of Chemistry University of Copenhagen Please cite these references in publications: Hui L

Fontidguide - Font Identification Guide

A showcase of widely-used fonts. Firstly, certain glyphs of each font are displayed in big letters. These glyphs reflect the key characteristics of a font and thus can be used for its identification. Secondly, basic characters are displayed in medium size. Ligatures, oldstyle figures and smallcaps are tested (when available). A short lorem ipsum is provided in normal print size. The book also contains 3 comprehensive indexes (Classification, Glyph detail and Highlight). On the left: latest versi

Delphin-EK200C - Reverse engineerings stuff for Delphin ek200c DAQ

Reverse engineerings stuff for Delphin ek200c DAQ


Simple 2D racing game coded with Delphi\n


A Stats and Admin Tool for Squid, PHP and MySQL