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Automatic generation of documentation on Delphi projects from source code. Distinctive features are exact parsing gathering lots of information and a division of the parser and configurable generators (HTML, Win- amp; HTML-Help, PDF, LaTeX, XMI export)



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Delphi-docs - Converts Delphi 2005 (v9) XML documentation into XHTML.

Delphi 2005 can generate XML documentation for a project at compile. This is in the style of JavaDocs and Visual Studios Comment Web Pages (dumb name on Microsoft's part). This project is a set of XSLT files, CSS, and scripts that will convert the XML outputted from Delphi 2005 into a readable XHTML document. Currently a work in progress. I was using NXSLT2 as the command-line XSLT parser ( but it doesn't support XSLT v2.0. I'm now usin