Delineate - raster to SVG converter

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Delineate is a tool for converting raster images to SVG (Scalable Vector Graphics) using AutoTrace or potrace. It loads images using JIU and displays results using Batik. Input formats are JPEG, PNG, GIF, BMP, TIFF, PNM, PBM, PGM, PPM, IFF, PCD, PSD, RAS



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Wemoip - Web Management OpenLDAP in PHP/Perl

Welcome to WeMOiPWeMOiP = Web Management OpenLDAP in PHP/Perl Several LDAP management applications exist, but the "rules" of the company's business (what fields, DIT struture, ...) are difficult to be handled inside the manager. The integration with SAMBA is another point that is not well delineated. All managers are "greedy", that is, they try to show all records of OpenLDAP, resulting in large HTML and memory consumption and network bandwidth. This application was created to be a Manager Simpl

Imagemetrics - Provides interface for metrics and object selection/polygon delineation in R

Provides interface for metrics and object selection/polygon delineation, via tcltk, in R.

Synopsis - Indentify, track and delineate extra-tropical or tropical cyclones in a gridded data set.

WelcomeSynopsis is a python project that does three things: 1) A search algorithm that can find candidate low pressure systems in a gridded sea level pressure field (SLP). 2) A cyclone tracking algorithm that attempts to link the previously found centers into tracks. 3) A cyclone delimiting algorithm that adaptively find the outer edges of the cyclone system while allowing for complex-nested systems. Synopsis is also know as the MAP Climatology of Mid-latitude Storminess (MCMS) due to an unfortu

Transmission-as3 - AIR 2.0 to Java Communication Layer

Here are some of the benefits of Transmission: Uses AIR 2.0's native process to execute a Java jar and communicate with the Java instance. Gives you the ability to package a combination AIR and Java project with the AIR native installers rather than requiring you to create your own as you had to in the past AMF3 message exchange format for POJO object mapping. Easier debugging for the Java side provided. Rather than sending your System.out.println's across standard output, Transmission automatic

Shadie - A volume renderer based on Python-like shaders

Shadie: A Domain-Specific Language for Volume Visualization Shadie is a GPU-based volume rendering framework and a domain-specific language (DSL). It is based on the concept of shaders - self-contained descriptions of the desired volume visualization, written in a high-level Python-like language. The shaders are translated to CUDA and then executed at GPU speed, rather than Python speed. Shadie is inspired to an extent by RenderMan / Cg / GLSL shaders. A shader can be thought of as a function th

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The LastFM Tag Extractor is powerful utility for downloading and integrating LastFM's artist and track tags into your local media library. Compared with other, similar utilities, the LastFM Tag Extractor generally provides a greater degree of customizability and flexibility over how and which tags are extracted and how and where they're integrated into your media files. Features include...Multiple genre tagging Support for MP3, MP4/M4A, Ogg Vorbis, and FLAC Multiple OS/platform support (implemen

Cush - Cloud User Shell

Cloud User Shell (cush) multi-call executable brings cushy, RESTful cloud control to the command line. PhilosophyIt follows the wildly successful Unix philosophy: This is the Unix cloud computing philosophy: Write programs components that do one thing and do it well. Write programs components to work together. Write programs components to handle text HTTP streams, because that is a universal interface. RESTfulIt is also RESTful, clearly delineating the 3 sides of the REST Triangle: Verbs (constr

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Intelligent Secure Systems IDS in JavaAuthors: Jason Laver, Nicholas Pike, Jeffery Prokop What is it?An IDS (Intrusion Detection System) is a System designed to detect security intrusions on a given system. An intrusion detection system detects many types of malicious network traffic and computer usage that can't be detected by a conventional firewall. This includes network attacks against vulnerable services, data driven attacks on applications, host based attacks such as privilege escalation,

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Detection, tracking, segmentation, and delineation of neurons in microscopic images and videos. Computer Vision Laboratory (CVLab) at École Polytechnique Fédérale de LausanneCVLAB actively collaborate with a group of neuroscientists in an effort to better understand how the brain develops and functions. Today, neuroscientists employ many types of microscopy techniques in their research, ranging from simple brightfield and confocal microscopes to more advanced phase contrast techniques to stat

Isca - Inheritance State Consistency Analysis Package

In a nuclear family of four, the Mendelian inheritance patterns can be grouped into four inheritance states for each variant position, with children receiving: 1) the same allele from both the mother and the father (identical), 2) the same allele from the mother but opposites from the father (haploidentical maternal), 3) the same allele from the father, but opposites from the mother (haploidentical paternal), and 4) opposites from both parents (nonidentical). Adjacent variant base pairs in align