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Delight is an imperative, object-oriented programming language with a Python-like syntax. Internally, it is based on the D programming language, and therefore supports classes, interfaces and templates, and compiles to efficient native code using GDC.



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AFNetworking - A delightful iOS and OS X networking framework

A delightful iOS and OS X networking framework


PKRevealController (ex. ZUUIRevealController) is a delightful view controller container for iOS, enabling you to present multiple controllers on top of one another.


A delightful iOS and OS X networking framework


A delightful extension to the delightful AFNetworking to provide accelerated and resumable downloads

Jsdelight - Smart JavaScript environment that acts as a solid base for interactive Web-Pages

jsDelight is a smart JavaScript environment that acts as a solid base for interactive Web-Pages. It is build up completely object-orientated with full derive-capabilities. Beside useful basic objects, it gives full control to query dom-elements, and control them. The Concept behind jsDelightBasically jsDelight is an environment in which objects could be defined. It manages the complete class and derive functionality and emulates a "real" class behavior. Based on this it provides useful objects t

Slum - Shader Language Unified Manager

SLUM - Shader Language Unified ManagerSLUM is a central hub for development of render shaders for computer graphics. Basically, SLUM gives you the capability of design one shader that contains language components for more than one render software, like GLSL, Renderman, 3Delight, Air, etc. I invite everybody to download slum and give it a try! Any feedback, suggestions, feature requests and issue reports is really welcome! To join Slum R&D discussion group and receive automatic updates about slum

Doo-blog - A demo blog power by DooPHP

Doo is a PHP framework designed to give you a delightful development experience without slowing down you applications like most frameworks does. Doo tries to be as lightweight as possible and has a small source code footprint. The creator actually benchmarked various possible approaches when building a module and chooses the fastest for Doo. Doo is easy to learn and use. You only need to know PHP and object-oriented programming. You are not forced to learn a new configuration or templating langu

Gaze at the landscape

Gaze at the landscape is a wallpaper switcher that uses on-line sources of pictures to provide a delightful desktop environment.