Java API

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delicious-java is a Java API for interacting with the social bookmarks service.



Related Projects


Java API for the social bookmarking service Delicious


TagsTreeMaps applies research on TreeMaps with community tagging systems, such as tag clouds. TTM delivers an AJAX+JSP solution for browsing arbitrary tagged information; an example of connection to is provided.

Delicious-post-checker - Tool for verifying and deleting bookmarks in

Tool for verifying that all of your bookmarks in your accounts are still valid and gives you the option of removing those dead links

Toools-rss2social - posts an rss feed to social networks

toools-rss2social parses an RSS feed and posts all containing post permalinks and all links in continuous post texts to social networks. Currently supported are delicious and twitter.

Log-mart - It's a web site develeped by jsp.This web site support services of Logistics Industro

It's a web site develeped by jsp.This web site support services of Logistics Industroy! Delicious and Wonderful found in the website. Good luck~

Sbff - Social Bookmarks Friend Finder (for

Social Bookmarks Friend Finder is a GUI application that allows you to find users with similar bookmarks to the user specified. It is similar to: but: it is coded in Java (instead of Python) does not require login as it does not use the public delicious API (it scrapes web pages since there is not unauthenticated API) it uses a SQL database to keep the large amount of data needed (delicious-mates keeps all the data in memory and that is too mu

Corynotes4j - A java command line app that publishes notes to

Cory Doctorow asked for a program to parse his research notes and visualize it via a tag cloud.

Dainty - Web service 'a la' to store & share bookmarks

Dainty is a web service which allows the users to store and share their bookmarks, using tags to group them.Intranets seems to be its main target.

Catchmystream - Datamining your (online) life

The aim of the catchmystream project is to develop a platform able to consume feeds from various sources (Twitter, Google Reader, Delicious, Flickr, Evernote etc) and format informations into a common language. (Inspired from the ETL Extract-Transform-Load method of datawarehouse) WhyYour data are disseminated into various services, maybe not reliable and with no links between those information silos. Catchmystream allow you to store your datas on your own server, and to search them in an unifor