Deity (role-playing game support engine)

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Deity (pronounced quot;DEE-ityquot;) is a GameMaster (i.e. role-playing) utility. It has a large generic component plus modules to refine it for different game systems (e.g. HarnMaster, HERO, ADamp;D) and to simulate weather, combat, character generation, etc. Important: Just released v0.9 breaks database compatibility with v0.8. I don't think this actually affects anyone (since as far as I know, nobody is actively using this but me) but wanted to make that clear. Anyway, you'll need to drop all items from characters before you upgrade and re-add them back afterwards. This shouldn't happen again. I've just started doing work on this again after a hiatus of about 5 years. If this project interests you, PLEASE contact me!



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