DScaler Deinterlacer/Scaler

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An application that does scaling/deinterlacing/inverse telecine using a high powered PC and certain TV capture cards. Essentially, this software converts a PC into a good-quality line doubler/scaler/upconverter machine!




Related Projects

VirtualDub deinterlace filter

VdYad is a deinterlace plugin for the VirtualDub application.


tvtime is a realtime video deinterlacer. It displays video at full 59.94fps for NTSC or 50fps for PAL for high visual quality and smoothness of motion.

MeWiG - MEncoder GUI for Windows

MeWiG is a Windows Frontend to the MEncoder (part of MPlayer) using the .NET Framework. You should be able to crop, scale, deinterlace, etc and finally convert almost any digital video-source, without the need for commandline-options.

XAWTV Deinterlacing Plugin(s)

Deinterlacing plugin for xawtv/motv.

Akacia Rip-Pack

Akacia Rip-Pack is the easiest all-in-one and fully automated rip-pack that supports : - Angle Selection - 1 or 2 pass (automated) DivX Pro 5.0.2 (required) encoding - Deinterlacing - IVTC - Imag


XdTV allows you to watch, record amp; stream TV. It interacts with AleVT amp; Nxtvepg amp; supports the bttv, bktr amp; dvb APIs. It contains some deinterlacing filters and record video with various containers (AVI, MPEG, OGG..) and many codecs (FFMpeg, XviD, Ogg..)

Mtvcgui - Mencoder TV Capture GUI

mtvcguiDescriptionmtvcgui is a very simple graphical user interface for TV capture using the mplayer encoder (mencoder) written in python with qt4 libraries, using qtdesigner and PyQt4 It allows the user to specify various parameters for the mencoder command line utility using separate widgets, but non covered parameters can still be supplied as extra parameters. ConfigurationIt has almost no default values. The chosen configuration from the GUI can be saved at any time to the mtvcgui.ini file,

Mp-tvviewer - A lightweight TV viewer for the MediaPortal TV Server

MP-TvVieweris a lightweight tv player for the MediaPortal TV server that allows you to watch tv on your laptop or PC when you don't need a full MediaPortal installation. MP-TvViewer is inspired my Media Player Classic: portable, lightweight and easy to use. Different ViewsThere are 3 different views: minimalistic (1) compact (2) normal (3) ToolsThere are also a few tools available: EPG: Shows the Program Guide of your TV channels with the option to record selected programs. Server Status: Shows

Hyperiontv - PVR software that uses the TitanTV service

HyperionTV is a super simple PVR daemon for linux that makes use of TitanTV. Simply run the HyperionTV daemon, go to titantv.com and schedule what shows to record. HyperionTV will take care of the rest! Currently HyperionTV is in a very early pre-alpha stage, yet it still works fine. I use it regularly to record already! Soon I will add a better installation path and a web front end to the application. InstallationFirst check the code out: svn checkout http://hyperiontv.googlecode.com/svn/trunk/

Skipredo - SkipReDo

PurposeThe purpose of this program is to automate the task of processing recorded shows. The program takes either an MPEG-2 (MPG) or Transport Stream (TS) as input. This programs schedules and runs the following programs to perform it's work. Download and view the documentation for more information. Required Programsbeyond tvCopyright Snapstream Media, http://www.snapstream.com/, cost ~ $100 Beyond TV gives you the capability to turn your PC into a digital video recorder (DVR). Its simple user-f