Deft: Data analysis and templating

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Deft combines declarative concepts of SQL with all of Perl's features. Includes the Deft templating system which 100% HTML complaint and still easy to use for the template developer. Deft is capable of parallel processing across multiple workstations.



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DEFT, the Development Environment For Tutorials, allows you to easily write and maintain tutorials which contain source code examples. If the code you're documenting changes, your examples in the tutorial will change as well.

deft - High performance non blocking web framework

High performance non blocking web framework

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Deftlinux - a Computer Forensics Live Cd

About DEFTDEFT (acronym of 'Digital Evidence & Forensic Toolkit) is a customized distribution of the Kubuntu live Linux CD. It is a very easy to use system that includes an excellent hardware detection and the best open source applications dedicated to incident response and computer forensics. Deft is meant to be used by: police investigators system administrator individuals and all the people who need to use forensic tool but don't know the open source operative systems and the Forensic techniq

Pyrodesktop - Pyro is a desktop environment for Linux built on Mozilla Firefox

Pyro creates a Web-based desktop by drawing your entire screen as a Web Page. Using the trusted Mozilla Add-On system, all the capabilities of dynamic HTML, JavaScript, and CSS are exposed to enable incredible extensions and themes. Using the newest generation of Linux display technology, called window compositing, Pyro deftly handles native applications as a regular part of the Web Desktop. The licensing for Pyro is MPL 1.1/GPL 2.0/LGPL 2.1.

Flism - Framework for Linking Inline Semantic Metadata

The challenge set by the JISC funded DevCSI project, managed by UKOLN, was to “Create a functioning repository user-interface, presenting a single metadata record which includes as many automatically created, useful links to related external content as possible.� Our idea began by simply imagining a typical repository abstract page overloaded with functional, contextual popup menus, just like a Google Docs page, for example. We could add a menu to each metadata element, and populate the menu

Muffin-project - MUFFIN - Incident Response Toolkit

MUFFIN is an Incident Response Toolkit (Master Unit For Forensics INvestigations). MUFFIN supports creating pendrives with prepared utilities and useful tools for collecting volatile information. Cenário Atual Você, CSO da empresa XYZ, está em casa. Foi dormir às duas da manhã vendo UFC, é sábado e está o maior frio lá fora. Às 3 em ponto, alguém do seu SOC liga e diz que está monitorando atividade intensa e anormal na sua rede, tem certeza absoluta que aconteceu um outbreak de malwa

deft-swt - SWT implementation for deft

SWT implementation for deft

deft - Deft, a Dylan Environment For Tools

Deft, a Dylan Environment For Tools