Deep Zoom for WPF

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An implementation of MultiScaleImage (Deep Zoom) for WPF, compatible with Deep Zoom Composer and



Related Projects

Jellyfish Deep Zoom

Jellyfish Deep Zoom is open source toolkit for dynamic deep zoom application using for silverlight development that oriented to most of system integrators and web agencies.

Deepzoomobama - JavaScript source code for Deep Zoom Obama

This is the JavaScript source code for Nothing real fascinating here.


DeepEarth is an open source, standards oriented Silverlight mapping framework. It provides a rich framework for integrating and visualising spatial layers, services and data.


Example of how to dynamically generate and host deepzoom images securely.


One-click application that can turn many files (or a directory tree of files) into a large deep-zoomable image for exploration. PowerPoint, PDF, image files, etc., are supported, as are some specialized web page formats.

DeepZoom Pivot Constructor

Library to make building DeepZoom images and PivotViewer collections simpler.


A collection of libraries and plug-ins architecture that turns various files (like PDF, PS, etc.) into a "Visual" representation that the DeepZoom Pivot Constructor library can render as a DeepZoom image.

Sharepoint DeepZoom Search

This project demonstrates using A Silverlight DeepZoom app to query the SharePoint search api and show those results as deep zoom tiles. This project is based upon or uses components from the Eventr and SuperDeepZoom projects.

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