Silverlight Deep Linking

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This project will show you how to add Deep Linking to your Siverlight application in four simple steps.



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Silverlight Deep Linking with error handling

This project demonstrates Silverlight Deep Linking with error handling.

TimeJump - TimeJump – Deep-links for Podcasts

TimeJump – Deep-links for Podcasts

Jfiletree - JavaScript file tree with keyboard support, multi-selection and other advanced features

jFileTree is JavaScript file tree with keyboard support, multi-selection and other advanced features. Based on jQuery, inspired by jQuery FileTree but completely rewritten with dozen of improvements: correct and full UTF-8 support on both client-side and PHP server-side (including special symbols in the path) keyboard support (arrows, enter, shift-key and ctrl-key selection) reversible deep-linking (providing path to the address bar, and selecting provided path in the tree) correct focus and tab

Unfocus-history-keeper - Back Button enabling, Deep Linking, event driven Javascrpt/DHTML/Ajax/Flash

unFocus History Keeper is a JavaScript based deep linking and browser history (back button) management library for single page browser based applications, also called RIAs, and usually based on Adobe Flash Player or Ajax, though this should work with other scriptable runtimes as well, such as Microsoft's SilverLight or Sun's JavaFX. Please visit unFocus.History Keeper's home page on for more (up to date) info! From the unFocus Projects blog:

Ningblog - A blog for me

A blog using a special flash lib, for new test.

Seq-site - Flash framework providing the base structure for larger flash websites.

The main purpose of this framework is to handle the main structure and navigation on pure flash sites without getting in the way for the creative solution. It is based around the use of SWFAddress to support deeplinking and browser history.

Deepsplink - An actionscript deeplinking application framework

Deepsplink is an actionscript 3 framework which provides easy to use out of the box support for deeplinks.Introduction:deepsplink is an actionscript 3 framework aimed at the experienced developer. It helps to develop flash applications with full deeplink support in a very short amount of time. Building such applications manually demands a lot of savy. Just look at some flash sites which support the deeplinks and the browser back button and see what happens if you quickly click it five times... B

Restfulurl - Make your Flex application RESTful in just one line

IntroductionRESTfulUrl uses DeepLinking inside to make Flex application RESTful automatically. ExampleBasic use <RESTfulUrl xmlns=="z61m.flex.RESTful.*"/>\tfor more infomation please vist User's Guide.

Refract - MVVM library for Silverlight

A library of base classes to facilitate the Model/View/ViewModel pattern in Silverlight using Prism (Composite WPF and Silverlight). It also provides a deeplinking navigation implementation that uses the RegionManager. This library was designed for Silverlight 3 in VS 2008.