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Full featured GUI filebrowser that uses libftp and libimg written in tcl/tk that can access ftp servers, browse local files, create image galleries, understands many file formats, the configuration is done in gui. It can be set to start aditional progs.



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Cloning - Java Deep-Cloning library

SummaryThe cloning library is a small, open source (Apache licensed) Java library which deep-clones objects. The objects don't have to implement the Cloneable interface. Effectively, this library can clone ANY Java object. It can be used i.e. in cache implementations if you don't want the cached object to be modified or whenever you want to create a deep copy of objects. Here is an example of its usage: Cloner cloner=new Cloner();MyClass clone=cloner.deepClone(o);// clone is a deep-clone of oIMP

Deepbitview - DeepBitView - a simple webapp to monitor your DeepBit Account

WelcomeWelcome to the Homepage of the DeepBitView system - a simple webapp to monitor your calculations and generation statistics for the DeepBit pool. Further developmentI currently plan on adding several other features, like access to your local wallet and supporting more pools. If you would like to help me with this, feel free to contact me . BitCoinsBitCoin is a peer-to-peer currency. Peer-to-peer means that no central authority issues new money or tracks transactions. These

Vars-redux - A re-implementation of MBARI's Video Annotation and Reference System using JPA

The Video Annotation and Reference System (VARS) is a software interface and database system that provides tools for describing, cataloging, retrieving, and viewing the visual, descriptive, and quantitative data associated with video. Developed by the Monterey Bay Aquarium Research Institute (MBARI) for annotating deep-sea video data, VARS is currently being used to describe over 3000 dives by our remotely operated vehicles (ROV). VARS has allowed MBARI scientists to produce numerous quanititati

HD View SL

HD View SL is a Silverlight application for viewing large, stitched panoramic images in a variety of formats -- especially those created by Microsoft Image Composite Editor. HD View SL relies on Silverlight's "Deep Zoom" features to enable smooth panning and zooming.

Kristians-rails-plugins - collection of rails plugin which I want to share

this is a collection of rails plugins which I want to share: act_as_fuzzy_search : fuzzy search/find on models audit_log : one log line per request cache_headers : setup cache behavior of http response erector_resource_generator : generate restful resource using erector as view ( guard : authorization of actions parsedate : helper for parsing date from the request referrer_check : make sure the referrer is set and from your website (no deep links from outside allowed) restf

Cocoanav - A Cocoa Class Browser

CocoaNav parses OSX frameworks and makes them searchable in a nice Core Animation View. CocoaNav is mostly written in RubyCocoa, with two ObjectiveC classes : CNItem and FrameworkViewBackground. It's a document based app. Download CocoaNav InternalsModel and controllersApplicationController manages data : handles FrameworkParsing, preferences, computing the ClassTree, WalkingTheTree, and FrameworkColors CNItem is the all purpose data class : it stores parsed class names, methods, protocols and c

Cuteview - PHP Template Engine

This is a PHP Template Engine someways like the classic Template Engine Smarty, has a goal to separate application logic and content from its presentation. It supports variable replacement, block that can be set to hidden or shown, loop, multple-depth loop, static cache (generate html file, very useful when database is busy), dynamic cache(generate php file like smarty). Compare with Smarty, it has some advantages of leaner codes, no "Template Language", it is make CuteView very easy to use(espe

Mmframe - Mm::Frame - PHP web application development framework with integrated CMS

These are goals to be reached in a fair timeframe:To make a straightforward and easy to adopt framework for dynamic web applications following Web 2.0 standards. New MAV (Module-Action-View) architecture makes possible to drop views as a single files to the directories and access from URLs much like Ruby on Rails. Unlimited dynamically loaded modules are supported with deep to class based configurations. Basic configuration of framework relies heavily on custom URL format, that is handled by Apa

Deep Email Miner

The Deep Email Miner Application is a software solution for the multistaged analysis of an Email Corpus. Social network analysis and text mining techniques are connected to enable an in depth view into the underlying information. The self-executable Version 1.1 jar file will now run on Java 1.5 or higher. A Windows executable file of Version 1.1 is also provided in the Files section. Documentation can be found on the project homepage.

Zotonic - The Erlang CMS

Zotonic - a modern content management system.This page hold the downloads for Zotonic. For documentation and more information about Zotonic itself, please check the Zotonic website. Zotonic has switched to github for development Zotonic's source code is on github at FeaturesSpeed, typically 10 times (and much more) faster than PHP content management systems. Powerful template language based on Django. Flexible data model, define you own data categories and relat